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Actress And Diplo Soundtrack Short Film

‘SCRIPTURA VITAE’, a short film directed by the artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, is to premiere on Channel 4 tonight. 

The film, commissioned by Protein, is soundtracked by original music from Diplo as well as Actress’ track ‘Parallel World’ and will air tonight at 00.25am on Channel 4. It marks the first foray into film making for the Argentinian born, UK based Mestrovic, who has worked with some of the leading brands in the world as a creative director, as well as exhibiting his artwork everywhere from Tokyo to Miami. ‘SCRIPTURA VITAE’, ‘a poetic performance piece exploring duality’, is based on Mestrovic’s artwork, with the striking black and white trailer showing Japanese actress Miho Nikaido moving in dramatic fashion along with dancer Maki Shinigawa. The music from Actress, Diplo and young UK newcomers Plaitum ( who supply ‘Geisha’ ), is intended as a mirror of the dynamic visuals featured.

You can watch the trailer below before tonight’s premiere.