Ableton And Stimming Explore New Dimensions In 4DSound

Amsterdam based company 4DSound have collaborated on a new innovation in live performance. 

Aside from developments in quality and volume, the field of in club sound has remained relatively stagnant in recent years. This however looks all set to change, with the arrival of 4DSound – a new concept/innovation by a Dutch company of the same name. A veritable forest of speakers, the system, “allows for evolving changes in three­dimensional positioning of sound (time is the fourth dimension)”. Using Abelton’s Max for Live programming interface, the 4DSound system can be manipulated in order to position sounds anywhere within the space – opening up hitherto unforseen potential for performance.

Although 4DSound – which will be open to the public at Amsterdam Dance Event in a few weeks, is undoubtedly best experienced in person, the team at Ableton have produced the below video to provide a little taster of what the system is capable of. Featuring an interview with its creator Paul Oomen, the video also showcases Diynamic’s Stimming as he prepares a custom piece for performance with 4DSound. Recorded binaurally, the video is best enjoyed with headphones. Those wanting to hear more of the Stimming’s piece can head over to his Soundcloud for the full recording.

You can learn more about 4DSound here