Timesig002 Artwork

John Frusciante, Aaron Funk, Chris Macdonald: Speed Dealer Moms

Following our news of Venetian Snares forthcoming show at London’s XOYO, we can reveal that Aaron Funk latest project alongside fellow Winnipeg electronica artist Chris Macdonald – formerly of The Alison Project, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, are set to release their first record on Funk’s Timesig label early next month.

The Speed Dealer Moms is an acid/techno collboration between the 3 artists that came about after Frusciante and Funk [now that’s a real band name – ed] met at a Venetian Snares gig, and struck up a studio-based friendship. Despite having formerly declared that “we’re just doing it for fun… it’s cool if we never release anything… we’re just doing it for us – not to be a product”, the threesome will release ‘Timesig002’ on December 6th, consisting of 2 heavyweight acid-electro-techno cuts featuring all 3 artists operating drum machines, synths, modulars, effects and mixers, with no overdubs, and no edits. Interesting stuff.

Keep locked for a full review in the coming weeks.