A1 Bassline Launches New Label, ‘SOURCEUNKNWN.’

A1 Bassline becomes the next producer to inaugurate a new label with a single of his own.

‘Slur’ is the deeper of the two sides. Driven by weighty kicks and incessant sampling, it shows perhaps the darker side of this producer. Definitely one that needs to be heard on a system.

‘Slingback’ also begins as a slow-burning, house-ish, tune. Exploding into something much more bass-driven after the second breakdown, the initial standing of the label is explained; the dancefloor remains the target.

He says: “My new label gives me the freedom to write music with no boundaries. I am not aiming for a specific sound with the label, its more of an unrestricted platform for my music.”

Stream both tracks below – they’re set to drop mid-august.