secret 7

100 Specially Designed Chemical Brothers Vinyls To Be Sold For Charity

Special versions of the dance duo’s work will be sold alongside records from others as part of an event at Somerset House in April. 

Running since 2012 in tandem with Universal Music Group, Secret 7″ has been operating on a simple premise since its inception: seven tracks from seven iconic artists are each pressed to vinyl 100 times, with 700 artists designing bespoke sleeves for each copy. So far the initiative has raised £105,000 for good causes with musicians featured including the likes of Massive Attack, Nas and DJ Shadow – whilst artists such as The Chapman Brothers, Ai Weiwei, Gilbert & George and Sir Paul Smith have all contributed designs.

This year’s edition will be performed in partnership with Monotype and WeTransfer and will relocate to Central London’s Somerset House from 10th April to 3rd May to raise money for music therapy charity Nordoff Robins. As well as The Chemical Brothers – who contribute their classic Noel Gallagher featuring track ‘Let Forever Be’, music from Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Rolling Stones and Underworld – with a version of their iconic ‘Born Slippy’, will feature amongst others. Sleeve designs will be handled by global high profile artists as well as members of the public – with entry now open here. The records will be exhibited for the duration of the period to the public before they all go on sale 4th May at the price of £50 each. The catch is that each buyer will be buying the record without knowing which track it contains or who designed the sleeve.

sleeve art design

This year’s Secret 7″ will feature tracks from:

The Rolling Stones – ‘Dead Flowers’
Diana Ross & The Supremes – ‘Reflections’
Underworld – ‘Born Slippy (Nuxx)’
The Chemical Brothers – ‘Let Forever Be’
St Vincent – ‘Digital Witness’
Peter Gabriel – ‘Sledgehammer’
The Maccabees – ‘Go’

Secret 7″ will be held at Somerset House from 10th April to 4th May. Find out more information on the project and how you can submit sleeve designs on the official website