10 Years / 10 DJs: FWD Celebrates A Decade

Legendary dubstep night FWD celebrate their 10th birthday with a massive party taking place this August.

The lineup features sets from 10 DJs who helped shape the scene, including Skream, Hatcha, Zinc, Slimzee and Oneman. Each DJ being assigned a year in which they particularly excelled as either selectors or producers.

This means you have Zinc taking on 2001, the breakthrough for his breakbeat garage experiments, Oris Jay representing 2002 with his trademark dark garage, Hatcha harking back to 2003, in which he mixed up everything from grime to garage and early dubstep, Slimzee reps his golden year of grime in 2004, Youngsta breaks out the half-step with a 2005 set, Skream taking care of the anthems that saw dubstep rise to world fame in 2006, Kode9 expanding the original viral sound of 2007, N-Type pushing the year he fronted the Dubstep Allstars compilation, Marcus Nasty pushing the UK funky envelope from 2009, Oneman bringing it all together for a 2010 set, and Ben UFO pushing the UK bass/house seen with a current set of 2011 sounds.

This is a ticket only event, so you best head here for advance tickets. The location is still under wraps, but you can be sure it’ll be an absolute roadblock event, as one of London’s finest clubbing reaches for the FWD>> Sound.