Hyp 187: Facta

Hyp 187: Facta

Born in London and borrowed by Bristol’s healthy bass scene, twenty-something Oscar Henson is one of few producers out there today keeping Dubstep well and truly alive and kicking.

Following a much sought after release on Badimup last year, a collaboration with our boy Hodge for Bristol’s bass institution – Idle Hands and a two-track effort for Soundman Chronicles earlier this month, he’s as busy as they come when it comes to output. He also holds a Sunday residency on Hardcore Dubstep outlet Sub FM with close affiliate K-Lone. Having pulled away from an intense infatuation with the 140bpm bracket, he has yet to settle on a particular sound in his production. With a penchant for rare vinyl he’s not afraid to tap into the roots of Dub and shake things up with a modern twist.

Hyp 187 is a weighty selection of UK centric bass bangers and unreleased war Dubs that pack a punch. Featuring Mumdance, Peverelist, Asusu, Dusk & Blackdown, Wen, Parris and more…

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Mumdance & Logos – Border Drone [Dub]
Facta – ? [Dub]
Hodge – Untitled [Forthcoming]
Cliques – Chro (Wen Remix) [Dub]
Asusu – Velez [Livity Sound]
Spatial – Primitives (Bass Clef Remix) [Forthcoming]
Facta – Drumtrack [Dub]
Dusk + Blackdown – Peng One Two [Dub]
Facta – Poliwhirl [Forthcoming]
Toasty – Bump [Dub]
Acre – Meridian [Dub]
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Kowton Dub Mix) [Forthcoming]
Rabit & Feloneezy – The Nine [Dub]
Facta – Quince [Dub]
Parris – Pressure [Dub]
Facta – Ize Kashmir [Dub]
Etch – Seaside Curse [Dub]
Epoch – Aerospace [Dub]
Karma – Heal [Dub]
Lurka – Choke [Dub]
JT the Goon – Twin Warriors (Rabit Remix) [Dub]
K-Lone – Aqueous [Dub]
Facta – ? [Dub]
Wen & Parris – ? [Dub]
Ishan Sound – Rush on the Tonic [Dub]
E.M.M.A – Candy Stripe [Dub]
E.M.M.A – Mirage [Dub]