Ziúr’s scorching debut EP sounds like little else

Already backed by Peaches, the Berlin-based producer is readying the Taiga EP.

Loosely tied in with the current crop of future-facing producers that are redefining the idea of “club” music, Ziúr has made a small wave this past year with an incendiary batch of tracks on her Soundcloud. Her own fiercely unique productions meld a deluge of styles, and she’ll be making her debut with the Taiga EP out July 1 on Montréal-based label Infinite Machine, who’ve recently unleashed gems from WWWINGS and Alfred English.

Accompanied by remixes from Born In Flamez and Air Max ’97, the four cuts on Taiga draw on a multitude of forms – the menacing square waves of grime, passages of trance synths, groove metal-esque polyrhythms, yet it’s almost impossible to pin down a particular sound or reference point upon first listen. This is an EP that reveals increasing detail with every play.

To get you in the mood for the whole thing, we’re giving you ‘Lilith’, which features vocals from Brussels-based performer RIN. Ominous stabs kick-start a whirlwind of a track, filled with tightly wound percussion and frenetic bursts of melody – announcing Ziúr as an artist you definitely need to keep an eye on this year.

Taiga is out July 1 on Infinite Machine.

Featured image: Claudia Kent