YouTube Surfing: Melé

Anyone that has seen Melé DJ will tell you – he puts on some show. Bonding the complex mixing and varied selection is a bold and creative confidence; something that sets him apart from scores of others. This diversity is shown in his YouTube Surfing choices where all manner of styles, vocal and instrumental, are covered by Dizzee Rascal, Youngstar, Hudson Mohawke, The Streets and more.

Of course, Krissy Peers isn’t just a DJ. He has records out on Grizzly, Local Action, Mixpak and Sounds Of Sumo and, ‘Beamer,’ is yet to drop.

Melé teams up with Kano on ‘Beamer’ for a hard-hitting club track with mainstream and underground appeal in equal measure. One of the most exciting young talents in dance music – enjoy the YouTube surf below…

1. Nas – Represent

“I remember playing this tune constantly when I was younger. I was and still am obsessed with DJ Premier’s beats.”

2. The Prodigy – Music Reach

“The is from one of the first albums I ever bought. The Prodigy’s stuff has always been really important to me.”

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

“One of the best remixes of the past few years for me, never gets boring.”

4. Youngstar – Formula VIP

“I could have chosen a lot of Youngstar tracks, but this has always been the stand out one for me.”

5. Waifer – Grime

“I used to listen to this constantly, the Wiley vocal is amazing.”

6. Jam City – How We Relate To The Body

“The production is amazing on this – works so well on the dancefloor.”

7. Hudson Mohawke – Ice Viper

“The guy’s a genius.”

8. The Streets – Has It Come To This

“Again, from one of the first albums I ever bought. Mike Skinner is one of my favourite producers ever.”

9. Dizzee Rascal Ft WIley – 2 Far

“I think Dizzee’s first album was a big influence on a lot of people, so raw!”

10. Scarface Ft Jay Z – Guess Who’s Back

“Awesome beat by Kanye.”

‘Beamer’ is out on August 13.