YouTube Surfing: Logan Sama

For our next YouTube Surfing adventure we draft in Mr Logan Sama. From hosting radio shows on Plush FM and Rinse FM and then on to a weekly slot on Kiss FM (his current show has a regular audience of around 100,000 listeners), Logan Sama is an individual submerged in grime and it’s surrounding areas. Here he reels things back and presents us with a selection of classic garage gems, featuring tracks from Wookie, Groove Chronicles, Steve Gurley and more. The man himself introduces his selection below.

“Many kids are now rediscovering Garage classics from up to 15 years ago via You Tube uploads and here’s some of my favourites that are up online. Of course there are still plenty more in my selection that aren’t on You Tube but you’ll have to come down to Butterz x Hardrive on 7th July to hear them in all their raving glory!”

1. Todd Edwards – Never Far From You (Sunshine Bros mix)

“Why I like Todd compressed into 7 minutes”

2. Lenny Fontana – Spirit Of The Sun (Steve Gurley mix)

“No one programs drums like Gurley. Not then, not now. He’s a 2-stepping genius. When you bring this into the mix and the bass synth in during the intro, it’s a thing of beauty”

3. Sprinkler – Don’t Wanna Work (Tuff Jam Dub)

“The type of 4/4 garage Karl Brown and Matt Lamont were making in the late 90s flipped the basic kick and snare pattern on its head. Shuffled hats and funky as heck basslines. One of the best to ever do it. The main riff on this tune is BAAAAAD!”

4. Wookie – Down On Me

“You aren’t a real DJ until I see you mix this from the edge…. on vinyl.”

5. Future Underground Nation – It’s The Way

“This record should never be mixed. Always dropped in. Which is why I gave you the correct time of 1.09 to listen to the tune from.”

6. Dem 2 – Desire 99

“I could have put down Destiny. Everyone knows Destiny though. And this track is better. So it’s here”

7. M Dubs ft Vincent J Alvis – Bodykillin

“Take me back to Colly in 1998 please. Thanks”

8. Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold

‘Everything that is beautiful about Garage music in one record’

9. Sunship – Ready To Rock

“One of the reasons I got into garage was a DJ called Steve Jackson playing the tracks on the Kiss FM breakfast show way back when I was in school. This gem by Sunship was a regular of his.”

10. RIP Productions – Obseessed

“One of the finest examples of 4/4 UK Garage. Soulful, haunting and tough all at the same time.”

Catch Logan Sama playing at Butterz x Hardrive at Cable on Saturday 7th July. Full details and tickets here.