Josey Rebelle by Ollie Adegboye.edit

Youtube Sessions: Josey Rebelle

Being an admired selector as a club DJ is very different thing to being an admired selector on the radio. Regular radio DJs, more-often-than-not, trump the rest in terms of the depth of their focus, and so, those that effectively translate this depth into a club environment can become the cream of the crop. Think Oneman, Benji B, DJ EZ, or Logan Sama for example; within their respective scenes, some of the most in-demand DJs around.

If you have locked into Josey Rebelle‘s late night Rinse FM slot or seen her DJ in a club, you can vouch for her ability at both. She has resisted the trends of recent times; continuing to champion decades of house, garage, funky, dub and jungle gone by. We got in contact, and below are the results – a diverse and intriguing selection, complete with the humourously non-sensical ramblings of somebody who talks on radio between 1-3am!

“You know something, I can’t believe we used to go through life without YouTube. How did we survive those dark days? This is my favourite music stuff on that magical online planet.”

1. Jonzun Crew – Pack Jam (Look Out For The OVC)

“Sick tune, play this out all the time. Nothing sexier than men dressed as intergalactic police officers who’ve never been to space or completed their police training. Nothing. This makes me feel like I’m going to die if I don’t join Jonzun Crew. Actually DIE.”

2. Kraftwerk – The Robots

“I know everyone says they love Kraftwerk but I really do love them. I would like to join Kraftwerk but I don’t think I’d be able to keep still like a robot for so long, I might need to go toilet and I don’t think the guys would like it if I pissed myself on live TV.”

3. The Project – Roboy

“This was the first track I ever mixed into another track when I was about 13 but I forgot what it was called and searched high and low for a trillion years until I finally found it on YouTube a few months back. I was so happy! No-one cared.”

4. Jah Shaka @ Brixton Town Hall, 1970s

“My favourite clip on YouTube ever. I wouldn’t have been one of the cats getting down on the dancefloor though, I’d be one of the cool ones nodding their head slowly in the corner and thinking about ancient political theory and stuff like that.”

5. Horace Andy – Mellotone Hi-Fi, 1980s

“Actually, I feel bad about saying the clip above is my favourite because this video is right up there too. Ah, Horace! I love you! I wish I was the DJ at this rave. I wish I was a DJ full stop! Oh, hang on…”

6. Maxi Anderson – Lover To Lover

“I don’t have this on vinyl which is just bloody heart-breaking. Why is life so cruel? Junglists in the house will recognise the vocals and music in this one. Oi, don’t Google it to try and pretend you’re a junglist, I know your game, sunshine.”

7. Old School Rap All – Stars on Arsenio Hall Show

“This is SICK! How can Arsenio just sit on the steps so chilled like that with all the greats of hip hop serenading him? He’s so damn cool. I wish I was Arsenio.”

8. Cameo – Attack Me With Your Love

“Quite simply the greatest music video of all time. Don’t even try to argue with me. Seriously.”

9. Tuff Jam – Let Me Tell You

“One of my favourite Tuff Jam tracks and just one of the thousands of amazing house/garage tracks that the legend that is ‘Mr Wood’ has uploaded to YouTube. What an absolute gangster he is, big ups Mr Wood. I hope he feels appreciated in life. We should get him a cake or something.”

10. Sky – Just Jungle

“Jungle is my husband and we live in this tune. We are very happy.”