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YouTube Surfing: Hackman

We’ve been long time admirers of Axminster’s finest, with his distinctly melodic approach to electronica always resonating pleasantly with us. His debut album has been hot-on-the-lips of many a music blogger over the past few months, but as we understand the wait is nearly over.

With this in mind we’ve drafted in Hackman for a YouTube selection. This is a great insight into the producers musical heritage, featuring tracks from Skream, Steely Dan and Rachmaninoff. He introduces the selection below:

“The following is a very condensed list of some tracks that if I am able, I will always be listening to.”

Ennio Morricone – Come Maddalena (Tom Middleton Cosmos Remix)

“This is without a doubt my most listened to track of all time, and it isn’t any less evocative than the first time I heard it. Everything about it screams perfection.”

Steely Dan – Dirty Work

“My parents listened to a lot of Steely Dan whilst I was growing up, of their many great tracks this is one of my favourites.”

Nitin Sawhney – Tides

“Another very evocative track for me, my favourite chord features heavily.”

Skream – Traitor

“This track epitomises the period of Dubstep which held the most magic for me. One of Skream’s best which instantly takes me back to being 16.”

Rachmaninoff – Elegie in E Flat Minor, Op. 3

“One of the greatest Romantic composers, this is my favourite piece to play on the piano. Amazing harmonisation.”

Unforscene – Do You Love Me?

“Endless replay lifespan.”

Dorisburg – Emotion

“Yet to hear something as elegant and beautiful as this. The simple addition of the extra bass at 3:55 gets me every time.”

Nuyorican Soul – I am the Black Gold of the Sun (4 Hero Remix)

“Funnily enough my mum introduced me to this before I had any knowledge of electronic music. This was the school run soundtrack aged 12.”

Vakula – Mama Said Go Slow

A jewel in a sea of mediocre deep house.

Carly Simon – Why

“Needs no introduction, it is awsum :)”