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YouTube Sessions: AnD

Subscribing to the belief that ‘Techno is a feeling and an attitude’, Manchester based duo AnD (Andy and Dimitri) have been feverishly churning out material for the best part of five years. Heavily inspired by  the strong tradition of British Industrial music which has been upheld throughout the years by the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Surgeon, the pair achieve an almost transcendent quality through their music’s singular, brutalist focus. Rumored to have hundreds of unheard productions and a slew of secret aliases, Andy and Dimitri also find time to run Inner Space Music alongside Tom Dicicco – with releases so far coming from Truss, Walker & Kennedy and a host of others that share their creative vision.

With the label due to host its first ever event at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen 22nd August, we thought it a good time to invite the lads to mull over their favourite cuts from the vast reaches of YouTube. Unsurprisingly the delivered a hearty portion of Techno-from the likes of Jeff Mills – but there is also the slightly unexpected addition of Sun Ra and big picture thinker Noam Chomsky…

Caustic Window – ‘Fantasia’

Old School banger for the ‘Ard Core Krew

Cluster – ’71’

Serious business from one of our favourite bands

Kraftwerk – Electronic Pioneers

Really interesting documentary and introduction to the Kraut music scene and some real pioneers.

Jeff Mills Live at The Liquid Rooms Tokyo

One of our all time favourite mixes from the don! So much energy and atmosphere.

Sun Ra – Outer Space Employment Agency

This guy is an original Techno pioneer, interplanetary!

Muslimgauze – Azzazin

A true artist and sadly missed!

African Head Charge – Stone Charge

Always good at anytime of the day!

Noam Chomsky – “Thought Control In Democratic Societies”

Food for thought – this guy knows what he’s on about.

Cannibal Movie – Schiave Bianche

Haunting music by killer Italian duo

Coil – Time Machines

An amazing album which takes you on a trip

You can connect with AnD on Facebook here.