YouTube Sessions: Yasmin

For this week’s YouTube Sessions, we’ve roped in multi-talented vocalist and DJ, Yasmin. Spending most of her childhood living near Glasgow, it was an eventual move to London that helped kickstart her musical career, finding herself DJ’ing for RnB acts like N*E*R*D and Taio Cruz. Her career as an artist soon took off as well, with her sleek vocal stylings, pitched perfectly between RnB and Pop, making her hotly sought after collaborator by everyone from crossover dance acts like Major Lazer and Gorgon City, to UK Hip Hop talent Devlin. With her solo efforts proving popular thanks to their winning mix of well measured Pop sensibility, soulfulness and whipsmart songwriting.

The host of a much loved Sunday afternoon session on Rinse, Yasmin plays the station’s Easter party at Fabric tonight alongside a host of talent including Evian Christ, Ben UFO, P Money and Jam City. Unloading a selection of her favourite clips on us this afternoon, Yasmin treats us to some classic Lauryn Hill, words of songwriting wisdom and a very unfortunate nude accident…

Elizabeth Gilbert – TED Talk

Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talk – a must watch for ANYONE that does anything even remotely creative, lord knows how much anxiety I put myself through making music and this talk has definitely got me out of some pretty dark moments.

Naked Man Runs Into Glass Door

Naked man runs into glass door – a LOL to take the edge off the previous deep clip.

Mashonda feat Jadakiss – ‘Leave The Block Alone’

I keep a tab of tracks that I love but can’t seem to find too easily (when I’m being lazy). This track isn’t available on UK iTunes so I listen to it on my favourites on YouTube. Sick little R&B number, fire verse from Jadakiss and the beat is absolutely bangin’.

David Foster’s Top 10 Tips For Songwriters

David Foster is a bit of an all round G; producer, songwriter, composer etc. ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston being one of the many songs he had a hand in, a must watch for anyone trying to make music for a living.

Jacob Collier – ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing’

When I wanna feel really untalented I draw for this bad boy. Recording and arranging every fucking thing in this video on one SM58, the dude is a little musical freak and I want his babies.

Rachelle Ferrell – ‘Autumn Leaves’ (1989)

Zed Bias showed me this clip in the studio once, parts of this performance are kinda funny (eg. the yodelling) but it’s really quite fascinating, this woman’s voice is NEXT levels.

Just For Kicks

A documentary all about sneakers. A friend of mine, Irfane, did some of the music on this and I just loooove it, lot of jokes moments. Caz & JDL at 7mins30 crack me up. Love me a documentary especially one where it’s just a bunch of people geeking over something.

Lauryn Hill Unplugged (MTV Live)

Pretty self explanatory..makes me cry every time.

Paris Is Burning

Krystal Klear put me on to this one, incredible documentary about the drag ball culture of NYC in the late 80’s, heart warming, inspiring, sick soundtrack and INSANE outfits.

Wu Tang Clan – Gravel Pit

The greatest music video of all fucking time.

Yasmin plays Fabric tonight as part of the Rinse FM Easter special. Buy tickets here.