YouTube Sessions: xxxy

Starting back in 2009, Manchester’s Rupert Taylor (aka. xxxy) made his bow with the spacious, dubbed out vibes of ‘Reflections’ on Mindset. His sonic trajectory since then has almost been a microcosm of the scene’s progression as a whole, taking in hooky, life-affirming garage (‘Ordinary Things’), 808 heavy booty clappers (‘Bash’) and dizzying electro (‘Progression’). An RBMA graduate, Taylor has turned out at everywhere from Barcelona’s Sonar festival to New York’s Museum of Modern Art, with his natural versatility allowing him to sound at home wherever he finds himself playing.

Turning out as part of a 50Weapons vs. Ten Thousand Yen showcase at the launch night of KURV tomorrow, Taylor took a minute to share his favourite YouTube clips with us. Check out Stevie Wonder freestyling on the talkbox in front of an awestruck David Frost, a well dressed monkey lost in Ikea and a stone cold classic from Pinch.


I’m pretty into cats and it’s a shame that mine’s a bit of a prick but this guy’s seem kind of chilled. Either he gives his cats valium or they are just incredibly patient, his whole YouTube channel is basically him putting stuff on cats. Intriguing and utterly bizarre.

Sumotori Dreams Gameplay

I think it’s supposed to be a sumo wrestling game but I’m not entirely sure but i am certain that’s either fucking terrible or incredibly amazing. I should probably give it a go. Either way this is a great video.

Darwin the IKEA monkey in a coat

Darwin the Ikea monkey – Never forget. I’m sure you’ve seen this. It’s a monkey in a sheepskin coat running around an Ikea in Canada.

Beat Stevie 1 – The Beats at Reading Festival 2006

Example the “rapper” fucked off his face on pills at Reading festival, unsurprisingly being a twat.

DJ DEEON, DJ FUNK & DJ SLUGO “Pimp Nation EP Trailer”

Deeon Funk and Slugo in the studio. Not your average studio video.

Stevie Wonder Talkbox Medley (Close To You / Never Can Say Goodbye)

This is Stevie Wonder being an absolute G on the talk box on the David Frost show. Obviously Stevie is a G but this video catches me for some reason.

DJ Harvey @ Sarcastic Disco 4

DJ Harvey playing a reel 2 reel, vinyl and a CDj Harvey is just one of those DJs that could probably get away with anything when he’s in the right club. This is some classic footage.

Running Back Special – Gerd Janson

Evidence of the pure unbridled joy Gerd Janson can bring in a club. He’s probably my favourite DJ. There’s always a few moments like this in his sets. (special mention to Yannick from RBMA radio at 1:00)

Pinch – Qawwali

I once got on a Megabus from Manchester to London with a mate to go to DMZ, I think it was the 2nd Birthday. I’m not sure if this was played then, Pinch was playing b2b with Distance so maybe they did. Memories of that night are somewhat hazy.

xxxy – I Know This Can’t Be Love – Sonar 2012

This video holds a very special place in my heart. Me Djing at Sonar.

Catch xxxy playing KURV at Egg tomorrow night alongside Loefah, Dark Sky, Doc Daneeka, Bambounou and more. Buy tickets here