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YouTube Sessions: Visionist

Grouped into the new wave of instrumental Grime producers that have been the talk of the UK music press over the last 12 plus months, Louis ‘Visionist’ Carnell has proven to have a sound that extends far beyond any kind of hackneyed revivalism. Undoubtedly Carnell, who MC’d and produced as a teenager, is hugely inspired by Grime-but its what he does with it that makes him interesting. Starting out in 2011, people first sat up and took notice of him when his single sided 10” ‘Mr.67’ started getting cained in the clubs. A sub-zero 808 roller, it was arguably one of the first harbingers of the fusion style which is so popular today. EP’s for Leisure System, Signal Life and Ramp have followed with each release adding a new element to the hollowed out Grime skeleton that forms Carnell’s template. Techno, Electronica and Ambient dreamscapes have all been woven into his music-which although experimental has never lost its club edge.

Due to play Tempo Clash’s party at Autumn Street Studios tomorrow, we managed to corner Carnell and get him to drop some YouTube knowledge on us. It won’t surprise anyone to know that Grime features heavily-but thankfully his deep knowledge on the subject meant he unearthed some forgotten gems-Mr Wong on Channel U’s very shortlived ‘Yards’ anyone? Also making an appearance are a transcendent slice of magic from Holly Herndon, a timeless banger from Soul II Soul and some goats interrupting Lethal Bizzle…

Westwood Crib Sessions – Dot Rotten and Ice Kid freestyle

Dot Rotten & Ice Kid for me were the best MC’s in Grime for lyrical content

Holly Herndon – Chorus


‘The Opening Riddim’

If you are from South London you may know Pro2Jay’s “Hand’s In The Air” tune that had a lot of the younger MC’s from Blue Borough. This involves a lot of the same MC’s and for me I prefer this. “Nice, nice you love that”

Channel U Yards: Mr Wong’s Crib

I don’t know if there were more of these but this is funny. I always will have respect for Mr Wong for his tune “Orchestra Boroughs” tune which was one of the tracks to bring MC’s from all round London together that I first knew of.

Armando Gallop and Steve Poindexter – ‘Blackholes’

I can’t get enough of the string sound in this tune love the way it is slightly off and filters in.

The Best of Frankie Boyle from Mock The Week

Mock The Week was never the same when he left.

Big Narstie Laughing for 10 minutes

Uncle Pain has become a commitment it’s just too funny so here’s 10 minutes of Big Narstie’s laugh lol

Soul II Soul – ‘Back To Life’

This reminds me of being in the car with my Mum on road trips when I was a child

Lethal Bizzle – ‘Leave It Yeah’ (Goat Version)

Tears…. also check the DJ Mondie Pull Up Dat version

DOUBLE – ‘Barz In The Stix’

I actually spent most of my time listening to Grime music when I was living in Nottingham. Double was my mate who got me into MC’ing spent many a lunch time in the music room. It was also for that reason I started making Grime beats which is an obvious influence in my music today though there are many others.

Visionist plays Tempo Clash at Autumn Street Studios tomorrow night with Akkord, Djrum, Blue Daisy and Kidkanevil. Standard advance have sold out but you grab final release tickets HERE.