Vin Sol Matrixxman

YouTube Sessions: Vin Sol and Matrixxman

With two notable white-labels of Sade reworks, an EP on Unknown To The Unknown with P.O.L Style released in March and fruitful careers as individuals, Vin Sol and Matrixxman have done more than make their mark on the world on House and Techno.

Matrixxman established himself in the public consciousness with his debut release on prolific Brooklyn-based Fifth Wall. His EP, ‘The Xx Files’ received notable recognition from Pitchfork and The Fader, as well as DJ support from the esteemed likes of Jeff Mills and Levon Vincent. With forthcoming material on the revered Spectral Sound, Matrixxman’s most definitely here to stay.

Thanks releases on Unknown To The Unknown and his own imprint Soo Wavey Records, Vin Sol has had an equally short but impactful career as a producer. Collaborations with DJ Stingray and Nick Hook, alongside Matrixxman have propelled Vin Sol in to the limelight. With an extensive amount of experience as a DJ, Sol’s informed and vast musical knowledge is ever-prevalent throughout his productions.

It’s evident the future is bright for both of these producers, so we at Hyponik insisted on a collaborative YouTube session to unveil what makes the two of them tick outside of the studio. The first five videos from Matrixxman feature collapsed cities, a Deep House mixtape and some Nu Wave Industrial Electro. The second half, selected by Vin Sol, includes an intriguing Ghetto House documentary and a nostalgic video montage of San Francisco.

Matrixxman’s Selection

Kowloon Walled City Documentary

This is a look at the (now non-existent) infamous Walled city of Kowloon. It was a lawless zone in Hong Kong that was notorious for illegal building zoning and hence had bizarrely crowded yet futuristic architecture that would not be possible in any other part of the world. Due to the close construction of the buildings, there were sky walkways and paths leading to virtually every part of the town and subsequently very little light made it down to the alleyways. This place was most likely used as the inspiration for set design in movies such as Blade Runner or anything else remotely futuristic. It has since been demolished but there are videos that captured its essence while it was still thriving. Soundtrack is provided by Jan Hammer who nails something in between early 80’s Herbie Hancock and Yello but slightly Detroit Techno-ish sounding.

Claude Young – Gates Of The Afterlife

Hard to find early material from the genius known as Claude Young. Exquisite evolving distant-future chords laced with a simple but compelling 808 beat sans kick drum. The fact that it doesn’t ever yield to a steady 4 on the floor beat is somehow so satisfying. If this doesn’t soothe your existential pain, I am not sure anything will. Detroit Techno at its finest.

DJ Qu – Liquid Beats

DJ Qu excels at providing hypnotic rhythm landscapes that are nothing short of enchanting. It’s a well executed hybrid of presumably TR-808 toms delicately oscillating amongst dystopian percussive stabs and psychedelic vocals. The way Qu is able to integrate both organic and drum machine percussion is astounding. Without fail, I find myself zoning out and letting this track play in its entirely every time.

Paul Johnson – I Need Another Plan (Side A)

Side A of a mix tape by Paul Johnson. Deep House banger after banger. You don’t hear shit like this any more to be honest. Weird stereo phase issues perhaps by the person who recorded the tape to YouTube aside, this hits the spot.

Chris & Cosey – Driving Blind

Dark early 80’s Industrial meets Electro with some Nu Wave flavor. The minimalism of the production was just simply lightyears ahead of its time. Haunting vocals, ever so slight jacking claps come in at the end; the restraint executed was just flawless here.

Vin Sol’s Selection

WBMX 1988 Julian “Jumpin Perez”

Latinos housin’ things!! I just can’t imagine being able to hear this on the radio, so fuckin inspiring. This mix has proper intro and mastermix vibe which not enough people are doing them these days. The pacing on here is pretty wild and the tunes all over the place in a good way, paradise garage classics, freestyle, house and boogie.

Ghetto House Documentary

Dance Mania totally blew up in the past couple of years. So many of those records went from being totally cheap discarded relics that were lowkey frowned upon to becoming dance music holy grails. I stacked about 2 crates worth before being “priced out” by collectors on discogs. A real dope snapshot of a regional scene, and watching DJ Funk in his studio while explaining his production on here is classic.

Finally a FTC Video Montage 1

This video is what San Francisco looked like when I was a little dude, a beautiful lawless urban landscape. These videos got me into making pause cassette tapes to skate around to, which eventually lead me to get my first pair of decks 90’s. Also you gotta love the track to this clip, Del the Funkee Homosapien “Worldwide” which took me forever to track down on wax


YMO or Yellow Magic Orchestra to me is on par with Kraftwerk. Wanna know how you can tell that these are the real deal?? They get the Herb Alpert introduction. I love how psychedelic this video is and it’s always fun try to figure which synths and drum machines they are using. Also don’t miss the Issei Miyake fashion show at the 35 minute mark- man the eighties were cool!

DBX Electric Shock on the New Dance Show Detroit

Detroit showing us how it is done. Jesse the Body on the mix!