YouTube Sessions: Tom Demac

Accessible but adventurous, Tom Demac has deservedly earned a reputation as a producer of anthems with a difference. For example, take last year’s ‘Critical Distance Pt.2’  which took all the staples of contemporary underground deep House; shuffling drum grooves and plaintive string pads, and scythed through them with a primal Bass growl as fearsome as anything heard in the world of Dubstep. Years of releasing and gigging have put Demac in the position to deliver these kinds of curveballs to huge captive audiences on scene leading labels such as Hypercolour and Pets.

Now on the verge of releasing the collaborative ‘It Grows Again’ EP with Indie  sound explorer Will Samson on AUS, Demac is set to take his experimentation further than ever before. Combining Samson’s forlorn vocals and guitar sounds with Demac’s grizzled basslines is an exciting and enjoyable step both for the artists and the label, with the release looking set to turn heads and draw in ears.

In advance of the EP dropping on 5th November, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with Demac again and shine a mirror into his soul via a discussion of his favourite YouTube clips. Providing us with a reminder of the amazing Daniel Johnston documentary, some surrealist Czech cinema and a dancing Jean Claude Van Damme, he’s given us a selection every bit as varied and enjoyable as his music.

Making Sound Explosions – Martin Klimas

Making of Sound Explosions by Martin Klimas from Martin Klimas on Vimeo.

Not strictly a Youtube vid sorry.. This is an awesome project, Martin Klimas visualising tones from analogue synthesizers via liquid colours. Basically everything he does is worthy of an album cover!

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

I’m sure everyone’s seen this, but wot ev’s and wow a truely sublime documentary.

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – 8

Taken from that Ebony wax on Hyperdub.. Constantly on rotation soundtracking my morning coffee for an album inspiration tip..

Online kit reviews:

Having an unhealthy addiction to buying musical equipment can lead to watching many Youtube demos. Some of the people doing the demo’s are just gold dust, this man being one of the best..

Sally Golding – Audio Visual Performance

Sadly Sally’s work doesn’t translate to Youtube, it’s one to go and see live.. A performance from kind of live-jamming with 16mm film reel and film loops, original 16mm & Super8 images. Micing up the mechanisms of the cameras and projectors to make poly rhythms and noises in time with the projections..

Svankmajer – Moznosti Dialogu

Surrealist Czech film maker Jan Svankmajer.. Painstakingly processed stop-start animation from the late seventies / early 80’s.

Van Damme – Dancing

I don’t mind an 80’s action film now and then.. and this is just a seminal piece of cinema.

Danny Dyer – Mantra Nightclub: Windsor

A bit old this one, but video’s of Danny Dyer helping promote the club he’s ‘djing’ in via videos made in a nightclub’s back office? Yes please. Whether the promotional aspects of the videos were successful or not, it’s wicked watching him being a complete tool. ‘GAFF’

Cats Knocking Shit Over

‘LOL Cats’ (ffsake – sorry) – since me and the missus got a kitten, she sits me through reems of fucking cat videos.. it’s hard not to chuckle to this one, the cats are so ‘caj’ in this vid.