YouTube Sessions: Tessela

West Country producer Tessela has made a promising start to life as a producer with well-received records on 2nd Drop, Punch Drunk, All City, and in collaboration with his brother, Truss. His next, set to drop in February, looks sure to make the biggest splash so far. In ‘Hackney Parrot’, as with basically all his output to date, Tessela resists a simple 4×4 and manipulates classic jungle breaks into a frenzy of broken beats.

He’s sifted through some YouTube favourites for us – a bizarre mix of music-related madness in the form of homemade Japanese instruments, 3D sound, locked grooves and that famous Donny warehouse footage. Enjoy.

1. Yuri Suzi – Prepared Turntable

“This guy Yuri Suzuki does loads of strange sound art projects but I reckon this ones my favorite. Basically using 1 deck, 5 needles and a record with a bunch of locked grooves to make crazy polyrhythmic music.”

2. Synchronization of 32 Metronomes

“Title says it all really. Strangely mesmerizing”

3. Virtual Haircut

“If you can get past the awful acting skills and terrible accents this is a really cool video. After hearing this for the first time when I was about 17 I spent months recording all kinds of binaural percussion. Most of it sounded shit but it was good fun. Oh also you need to watch it with headphones otherwise it doesn’t work so well.”

4. Abseiling Pirates

“Mad maaad lengths gone to broadcast pirate radio in the mid 90’s”

5. Doncaster Warehouse Tribute Party

“Bit of an obvious one this but never gets old. Think its one of my favorite videos on the web. It’ll give you a saw jaw from just looking at it.”

6. Innovation In The Sun 2011 – Pool Party

“Aint no hype like the drum and bass hype”

7. Device Art in Japan

“Crazy homemade Japanese instruments. What’s not to like.”

8. MPIA3 in the Boiler Room

“White Ace Acid”

9. Jools Holland interviews Stewart Copeland

“One of my mates sent this to me a couple of days ago. Quite interesting/scatty interview with Stewart Copeland about his views on drum machines and reggae among other things”

10. Dj Fail

“Always used to watch vids like this before gigs for some reason. You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.”

Tessela plays at Regulate’s NYE party with Swamp81 & Get Some. Buy tickets here.