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YouTube Sessions: Terror Danjah

Get in the mood for Birthday’s tomorrow night with a selection of Terror Danjah YouTube gold.

Co-runner of Butterz, Mr Hardrive and responsible for the now-defunct Aftershock label, and a key member of Kode9’s Hyperdub community, Terror Danjah is spinning quite a few plates in grime. As an artist he has been at the centre of grime’s evolution, dropping two critically-acclaimed albums on Hyperdub and countless singles for the likes of Butterz, Rwina and Planet Mu. As a label boss he’s championed the work of numerous up-and-coming artists over the years and will, on March 25, release his biggest project yet: ‘Terror Danjah Presents Hardwired’, see details here.

For his YouTube Session Terror goes for Bruza’s now-iconic grime video, 50Cent and Ian Wright’s inspiring stories, his ‘Dark Crawler’ video, sound business and the ‘Wot U Call It’ documentaries and more. Sign up to the free guestlist for tomorrow’s party here – see you in the basement!

Sound Business Documentary

“Sound systems are what I grew up on and to this day they still influence they way in which I play and make music.”

Girl tries to walks in high heels

“This is just how women are, crazy to me lol.”

The Life Story Of 50 Cent

“50 Cent’s life story is inspiring to me, inspirational!”

Ian Wright – Nothing To Something

“Ian Wright is the reason why I even like football and Arsenal. His story is similar to mine, where he was told he would never make it and the negativity drove him and that’s like me.”

Terror Danjah – Breakdance (Technical Breakdown)

“This is me breaking down how I make a track.”

Gordon Ramsey – How To Treat A Lady

“This is hilarious lol.”

Terror Danjah & Riko – Dark Crawler

“My latest video.”

Hot Pepper Challenge

“Need I say more…”

Wot You Call It Documentary

“I’m in there.”

Bruza – Get Me

“This is the first song we shot a video for on my label Aftershock in 2004. This became an iconic Grime video.”