YouTube Sessions: Tempo Clash

Tempo Clash is a London-based club night that boasts probably the most lethally talented crew of residents in the world: namely Kidkanevil, Om Unit, Blue Daisy, Kutmah and the recently departed, Offshore. A group of friends formed over a mutual respect for each others creative endeavours, they were to “form like Voltron”, pushing the boundaries within the UK capital and throughout Europe. Fast approaching their second year in operation, Tempo Clash can already count the likes of Kuedo, dBridge, Instra:mental, Danny Breaks, Lone and Mono/Poly as previous special guests.

We’ve drafted in Kidkanevil, Om Unit, Blue Daisy and Tempo Clash founder Joe Foote for our latest YouTube Session feature. Between them they delve into the worlds of Bjork, Saul Williams, the chemtrail phenonima, some classic Dizzee and Crazy Titch beef and finally a touching tribute for the recently passed fifth member of Tempo Clash, Offshore a.k.a Scottish producer and designer Ewan Robertson.

Responsible for effortlessly great music on Big Dada and Stuff Records ,and as a designer: iconic album covers such as the Wiley ‘black playground’ image for ‘Playtime Is Over’, Jammer’s shot with an elephant on his ‘Jahmanji’ LP and Bonobo’s ‘Black Sands’ landscape, shot in the Lake District. Rest In Peace Ewan Robertson.

Björk interviews Arvo Pärt

“I love this clip so much. The joy you sense from Pärt at Björk’s beautiful understanding of his music is just remarkable. They say it takes one to know one.”

Dimension Bomb

“When dimensions collide. An utter masterpiece from anime legend Koji Morimoto and the always incredible Studio 4°C. So much wonder, I could watch this all day… and do sometimes.”

Om Unit:
Saul Williams – Coded Language with lyrics

“Saul is someone I’d love to work with one day – this piece of poetry is so powerful and encapsulates a lot of the ideals I hold when talking about art and moreso about life.”

“Why in the World are They Spraying?” Documentary

“An informative and interesting look into the chemtrail phenonima that goes beyond idle conspiracy theories. Still a lot of theory involved but nonethless I found this interesting.”

Blue Daisy:
Ruff Sqwad – ‘Xtra’

“RUFF SQWAD! What more can I say other than “BOOP BOOP!” Heard they where re-releasing their classics and lord knows I was like a 5 year old kid at christmas!”

Low Deep – ‘Cheeky Violin’

“Low Deep was a menace to say the least, TOP PRODUCER. If I had more picks I’d have probably picked like a bunch of his beats for this, but thought i’d go with this, cheeky violin, INSANE!”

Dizzee Rascal vs Crazy Titch

“STOP DAT, START DAT, GET DAT, WHAT!” “Classic Dizzee clashing Crazy Titch, such a classic battle. This rivalry went on for a hot minute, even remember Dizzee ripping at Crazy on Westwood. This was epitome of grime in my eyes, the clashes and how passionate they where about it.”

Joe Foote:
Offshore – ‘Downer’

“When everyone got together for the first show as a crew back in 2011 Offshore was the guy people were probably most unfamiliar with as a producer, he was just starting out. There were signs early-on that he had the potential to compose great music; it was clear that he was out to hone his own sound, no-one else’s and that’s is something anyone can only respect. Ewan would approach every show with a smile, that’s testament to the kind of guy he was, hard-working and loyal.

This isn’t a video as such but for me ‘Downer’ & ‘Downer 2’ highlighted just how much Offshore was maturing as a producer and how much potential was there to be filled. Design, music and talent aside though; from the outset it was his modesty, sense of humour and honesty that always shone through. Ewan seemed so much older than he actually was, he was always a calming influence especially during those particularly hectic moments at shows, when he wasn’t performing he’d usually be mingling and chatting to people whether they were involved in music or not. There was no ego there what so ever, I really looked up to him in that sense and saw that as one of many reasons as to why people would warm to him so quickly.

He never spoke of his achievements which makes it even more important that we celebrate all that he did. His girlfriend, family and friends will of felt the effects so much to closer to home and we can only respect that. All I can say is it was a pleasure to work alongside and get to know Ewan in such a short space of time – we’ll miss him.”