YouTube Sessions: Synamatix

Today we invite you to join Synamatix (otherwise known as dj, producer and Deadplate Records boss Alex Powis) for a gander into the realms of his online meanderings.

This week Deadplate released their fourth record from rising Bristol talent Hodge – check our take on the release here. Considering this, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with Synamatix.

His privy selection guides us through the worlds of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, Sigur Ros, Coffee Porn, British philosophy, Joe Muggs and more…

01. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Larry David

“Larry David is pretty much my life idol. Curb is probably my favourite TV show of all time and this mini series from Jerry Seinfeld is essentially what I’d like to spend my life doing – driving in nice cars, meeting up with good friends and drinking coffee. It doesn’t get much better. Also, Larry’s analysis of the difference between a cigarette and cigar smoker is genius.”

02. Beginners #4 Movie CLIP – House Music (2010) HD

“This film is amazing, and this part of the film is incredible. I don’t need to say anything else about it.”

03. Sigur Ros – Heima

“Sigur Ros have been quite a big part of my musical life since I was about 15. This DVD is truly beautiful and an awesome concept. I was actually looking for a specific performance within the DVD, but decided to put the whole documentary in as people should watch it.”

04. Artifact – Archaic Line (Graphics Remix) OFFICIAL VIDEO

“This is the first and only music video we’ve done with Deadplate and it was directed by an old school friend of mine called Alex. We actually used to be in a really shit metal band when we were 12 called Fall From Grace. Anyway, I was and still am really proud with how this came out. I worked really closely with Alex on the story boarding and concept as a whole so it’s a really personal project for me. I think it’s got a really haunting quality.”

05. DJ Culture is Hideous: Joe Muggs at TEDxBricklane

“I wasn’t too familiar with Joe Muggs before I went to this TED talk on Brick Lane. I’d probably read some of his work, but hadn’t noticed who it was by. This talk opens up with a bit of a slap in the face, and has several throughout, but I really enjoy the way in which he perceives a DJ’s role. It’s something that I’ve said time an time again in different words, that DJing isn’t just about beat matching, that there is a real art form there where people can emotionally move and guide a crowd of people as a group and individually. It’s an idea that I’m very interested in.”

06. Espresso, Intelligentsia

“Coffee is something very close to my heart and a daily obsession. This video not only explains the process of espresso well (and all the details that need to be right), but it is really well shot as well. I’m still tempted to stop doing everything I do and open a cafe. One day I will do that. Anyway, this is how coffee should be treated, so I’m spreading that news.”

07. 30 Century Man

“This short film was curated by the guys behind The Rigout and it’s near perfect. The music is incredible and the visual couldn’t do it more justice really. I love the BFG reference towards the end as well. Just an incredible piece of work all round.”

08. Nike Find Your Greatness Commercial – The Jogger

“I think most people that know me anywhere near well will roll their eyes that I have managed to put a Nike commercial in my selection, but it’s just an amazing piece of advertising. I find advertising really interesting generally, but this specific one is brilliant. Hopefully it will motivate some fat kids to lose weight. I read that the dude in this advert (although people claimed Nike exploited him) is now hitting the gym. Props.

09. Influencers

“Influencers is a short documentary by Davis Johnson and Paul Rojanathara that questions what makes an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious. It’s another topic that I’m fascinated in, as it combines human nature with marketing and this short documentary is a nice little window into what makes someone a so called “influencer” and ways in which people can influence other people. It’s really nicely put together as well.”

10. Alan Watts – What if Money Didn’t Matter?

“This last one is something that I try my level best to execute in life. Luckily, this way of thinking is something I’ve managed to have since I was a kid, and that’s mainly down to how my parents raised me, but I think this idea should be spread a lot more throughout school and especially uni. This is a short speech by the late British philosopher Alan Watts and the title is pretty self explanatory.”

Photography: James Clothier