YouTube Sessions: Submerse

One of the many producers who came to attention during the swell in popularity of ‘Future Garage’ several years ago (contributing Hyp Mix 023 and a recent interview), Rob Orme aka. Submerse has endured through his versatility and ambition. Listening to this year’s accomplished 7 track ‘Algorithims and Ghosts’ EP on Berlin label Project Mooncircle it’s clear that whilst he still has an ear for a honey dipped vocal sample, his tastes and abilities stretch far and beyond the now tired UKG retreads that were the staple of many of his former contemporaries. A Hip-Hop influence came to the fore in the EP, with the results hinting at exciting sonic possibilities for the British producer, which are set to be further explored on his forthcoming ‘Melonkoly’ EP, again for Project Mooncircle.

We took the time to pick Orme’s brain via the medium of YouTube clips, ahead of his forthcoming set at Above the Clouds place at Bedroom Bar on October 11th. Immerse yourself in a melting pot of fuzzy skateboarding VHS tapes, low-swung Hip-Hop and that killer Bobby Brown number from Ghostbusters.

1. Dead Island Trailer.

Favourite trailer for any video game by a long shot, the music gets me every time.

2. Green Butter – Appertif.

Mabanua and Budamunk. More vibes than I can put into words.

3. eS Menikimati.

Probably my most watched skate video when I was young. Wish I still had all my VHS tapes.

4. Artifacts – Wrong Side Of Da Tracks.

Personal classic. Pretty much everything you could want in a 90’s hip hop video.

5. Skateboarding Flips at 1000fps.

Dope video. Dope beat.

6. Ryan Hemsworth – Mistakes to Make / Starlito – Lion Marley.

Think I have listened to this at least once every day for the past month.

7. Adventure Time – Why Song

Makes any day a little more awesome.

8. Dye – Fantasy.

Favourite music video of all time. Puts me in a really strange place after every time I watch it.

9. Bobby Brown – On Our Own.

Ghostbusters is my favourite childhood movie and I even like the second one (even if most people don’t..) This track makes me want to catch ghosts anyway.

10. Metal Gear Awesome.

Takes me back to the Newgrounds days. Also big fan of Egoraptor.

Submerse’s ‘Melonkoly’ EP will be released on October 4th via Project Mooncircle, click here to preview and pre-order