Youtube Sessions: Shigeto

Few artists in the world of electronic music afford their listeners as much of an insight into their personal life and history as much as Zach Saginaw a.k.a. Shigeto. From his production alias (his middle name, as well as his grandfather’s given name) to his debut ‘Semi Circle’ and ‘What We Found’ EP’s (artistic explorations of his grandmother’s time spent in a US internment camp) and his stunning new album (a musing on the last year in the producer’s life), everything about his output is geared towards crafting an ongoing, intimate self-portrait. It helps that his music thus far has been unrelentingly gorgeous of course. Beat driven jams with expansive depths of texture, Shigeto’s music is both detailed and carefully restrained.

Ahead of the 19th August release of his new LP, ‘No Better Time Than Now’ on Ghostly International, Shigeto talked us through a selection of his favourite Youtube videos, some of them profound, some of them entertaining and others hilarious. After watching these its safe to say you’ll feel sympathetic for mountain goats, be intrigued about the interaction between sound and water, and probably never look at freestyle rap battling the same way ever again.

Ghostly Presents – Osborne:

“Todd Osborn is an amazing dude. Don’t know if there’s a thing in the world he can’t do. Says some great stuff in here about how you can learn anything in an hour, it’s just about how you apply your skill after that. Love it.”

The Powers Of KATSU

“Some of my greatest influences are the people I know. I’ve known KATSU for over ten years now and it’s been a pleasure. He’s one of the most radical and original writers out there right now in my humble opinion.”

Baby Sings Along With Korn

“I watched this at least twenty times when I first saw it. This kid has some serious skills. He’s one with the music. It’s amazing.”

Eagle VS. Mountain Goat

“The animal kingdom is quite the spectacle. Reminds me of how fragile we are.”

AraabMUZIK Studio Session with Alchemist

“Well… okay dude. I think you just made Alchemist cry.”

Water & Sound Experiment #2 :

“Didn’t think this was real when I first saw it. Do you believe?”

Don Hertzfeldt – REJECTED: 

“This is real animation. Every frame hand drawn. When I saw Don Hertzfeldt speak in Ann Arbor a student asked “one word of advice for aspiring artists” He replied “tonight when you go home are you going to watch a movie or work on your movie?”

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Full Version): 

“Full version of this gets me every time.”

Supa Hot Fire VS. Mute Spittah : 

“Future. Of. Comedy.”

Return To Forever – The Romantic Warrior Live 1976

“One of my favorite fusion albums. One of my favorite fusion groups. They make it look effortless.”