Sei A

YouTube Sessions: Sei A

Andy Graham, aka Sei A, has firmly cemented his place as one of the finest house and techno producers around in a small amount of time. Now residing in London, the Glaswegian first made waves back in 2008, and has since dropped more than 15 EPs on labels like Turbo, Life And Death, Kompakt and Seinan Music, the imprint he runs with Gordon Logan. However, it was his debut solo album Editing Shadows that really shone light on his talent and put Graham at the forefront of an already saturated musical landscape. For an idea of his abilities as a selector, delve into this stellar Hyp mix from all the way back in 2011.

Graham’s latest effort finds him straying from the dance floor to cook up a sublime full-length that stands up to more introspective home listening, with Andy stating he wanted to “expand on writing actual songs that take in verse/chorus, verse/chorus structures.” His third album Space In Your Mind – which was in fact two years in the making – is out today on Aus Music, and to coincide with release, we invited Graham to discuss some of his favourite vids from the world wide web. It’s a quirky list that contains a fabled Burial mix originally aired on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Radio 1 show, Alan Partridge’s legendary commentary of the 1994 World Cup, and two hilarious clips from beloved Scottish comedy series, Limmy’s Show. Indulge in the visual goodies below, and then stream clips of his album on Soundcloud.

1. Old School Rave – The Morning After The Night Before

Jaws for days. Would love to know how long she stood there and danced. I could watch that first interview over and over.

2. Limmy’s Show – She’s Turned The Weans Against Us

If you’re from Scotland it really is too close to the truth. Limmy just gets it right every time.

3. Limmy’s Show – Party Chat

I could easily post all 10 here from various Limmy sketches. Last one, I promise.

4. Jesus Christ In Richmond Park: Original Upload

This will always be magic.

5. Alan Partridge – World Cup 94


6. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

I love football and to have a film featuring Zidane + Mogwai is next level. I remember watching a screening of this at the Sonar Festival years ago and the film was perfect for the condition I was in after a few late nights.

7. Talk Talk – New Grass – 1991

Onto the real business now… Talk Talk’s ‘Laughing Stock’ and ‘Spirit of Eden’ albums are up there with some of my favorites.’New Grass’ is such a lovely piece of music. Completely untouchable.

8. Paul Buchanan – Mid Air

Going from Talk Talk into the magic of Paul Buchanan is somewhere near perfect. The album Mid Air is a very personal record for me. I would love to see and hear Paul back making beautiful music.

9. Aphex Twin – Xtal

Aphex has to be in here somewhere. This is inspiration a million times over. Ambient Works 85-92. Classic.

10. Kode9 Burial mix show – 2007 10 17

A Burial mix from years ago aired on Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1 show with Kode9. Brings back so many memories. So many unreleased bits of music in there that still walk all over most things nowadays.

Space In Your Mind is out now on Aus Music and can be ordered here.