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YouTube Sessions: Scott Garcia

The second ever UK Garage tune to chart when it reached no.24 back in 1997, Scott Garcia’s ‘It’s A London Thing’ remains a guaranteed floor filler to this day. Although it will likely be the track Garcia is remembered by, he’s committed his adult life to UKG – having founded his own record store, Ruff Trax, dedicated to the genre when he was only 16 years old. His involvement with the store led to bookings at parties around London and eventually studio time, with ‘Music Takes You’ on Buzz Bomb in ’97 proving to be the first of a long run of underground classics. Having stuck with Garage through thick and thin, he’s now signed to legendary label Ice Cream Records and continues to produce and DJ all over – either solo or as one half of Foundation with his pal Sticky.

Set to play OiOi at Fire this Friday, we enlisted Scott’s services for this week’s YouTube Sessions. Read on for Kurupt FM’s early 2000’s debut, a cosmic journey and a home DJ mix that needs to be seen to be believed…

Kurupt FM – Tower Block Dreams Ghetto On Sea

I have to start with this one – a documentary about pirate radio in 2001 I think. I’ve literally lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched this documentary. Its basically an hour of comedy gold, so bad that its brilliant kinda stuff. This is the original documentary that the BBC comedy People Just Do Nothing was based on and they definitely did it justice. The funniest things in the original doc for me are the part when ‘MC Killa’ reads the letter of complaint from the poor woman who’s kid is being kept awake by the noise from the radio station and also the part where they interview MC Killa’s girlfriend who is so high that she can barely string a sentence together. Big em’ up yeah!

Every Single FHRITP Video Ever! 

Childish I know but you can’t beat a bit of news bombing. Skip to 2.20 for my personal favourite.

Hubble Deep Field: The Most Imp Image Taken Ever (Redux) 

I’m a bit of a stargazer, found this late one night and it blew my mind. Worth a look if you like space and planets and stuff.

POP Hold It Down 

Momma I love you… POP hold it down.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 

If you haven’t seen this yet its basically the creepiest song/video on YouTube, watch it till the end it gets super weird!

DJ Karnage &Maximum –  Wiley Xmas Day 

Doesn’t get much better than this, Wiley 10 years ago on Rinse FM Xmas Day basically slewing everybody.

Rave Party 1997

Another one I have watched many many times, some amazing characters in here but by far the best is my don at 0.36 with the elongated neck.

too much mdma

Gurning level: Expert.

Cosmic Voyage 

This is a 10 min clip from the Cosmic Voyage IMAX movie, putting the size of the universe into perspective but without a doubt what makes it awesome is that its narrated by Morgan Freeman.

9 turntable mix 

Ok saving the best til last! This guy doing a 9 deck mix with basically every different low quality turntable and CDJ that he has managed to blag from various companies under the guise that he runs a DJ tutorial channel. Brilliant!

Scott Garcia plays Oioi at Fire tomorrow night with Murlo, El-B, Flava D Artful Dodger. Buy tickets here

Photo: OutandAbout London