YouTube Sessions: Rita Maia

The Portuguese host of prime-time Resonance FM show, ‘Sine Of The Times’, has always had forward-thinking music at the top of her priorities. Interviewing her last year, we learnt of Rita Maia’s globally diverse music taste, and in the run up to the release of her equally diverse new compilation, asked for some YouTube favourites.

The compilation will mirror both the focus of her radio show and clubnight ‘Talking At Me’, featuring Visionist, My Panda Shall Fly, Will Ward, DFranklin (of LV), BD1982, Simbad and more. Set for CD and digital release via Lisbon-based Badmood Recordings and calling Japan, Canada, Nigeria, France, Iran, Portugal and London home to its artists, ‘Rita Maia presents Sine Of The Times’ is an exciting project from an exciting DJ.

She picks through Miles Davis, Short Stories (Koreless & Sampha‘s collaborative alias), The Cinematic Orchestra, John Cleese and more, and explains:

Since we’re starting a New Year, and because there was so much good music out recently, I limited myself to the theme of Old vs New in these videos.

1. Home T, Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks – Pirates Anthem

“Pirates Anthem, different times…”

2. Reel-to-Reel Beat Matching Virtuosa

“Delia Derbyshire, more known for The Radiophonic Workshop at London’s BBC Bush House. I’m happy to have managed to play there a few times before the building closed down last year.”

3. Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

“Miles Davis – Bitches Brew whole Album stream! I don’t have the album at home, found this last year while looking for music to prepare a bbq! Thanks to the guy who uploaded it. Great 1hr and 46 min session.”

4. The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give

“A lot of great people died in 2012. The last one I heard of, Fontella Bass. RIP!”

5. Short Stories – On The Way

“A “new” project I’m looking forward to hear more of, two people I really like, Koreless and Sampha – Short Stories.”

6. John Cleese On Creativity.

“John Cleese on creativity.”

7. DJ Krust D&B Masterclass

Krust inspirational talk.

8. Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T.

“DJ Focus – Sierra Leone”

9. London Pirate Frequencies

“A little pirate radio documentary. Times are different nowadays, but there’s much to learn from the idea of people creating a space to do their thing.”