YouTube Sessions: Redlight

Redlight, formerly known as Drum and Bass figure DJ Clipz, has definitely managed to capitalise on his position as one of the most celebrated and respected artists in Drum n Bass. The transformation into Redlight saw his production style switch from 170bpm to taurine-fuelled Bass music that borrows elements from Hardcore, House, Dubstep and UK Funky, a formula that has seen his popularity escalate at a rate of knots over the past few years. In 2009 he also founded the Lobster Boy record label which put out that New York Transit Authority classic back in 2011. After many years operating in the music industry Hugh Pescod now finds himself in a prime position, releasing stadium sized beats on major record labels and even collaborating with a certain member of Wu-Tang.

Ahead of the release is his new ’36’ EP – which features said Raekwon collaboration – Redlight hops into the YouTube hotseat and runs us through a selection of videos brimming with nostalgia. Think Fresh Four and 90s Bristol, a late 80s skateboarding classic, Sting 91 Ninja Man vs Super Cat and more…

Lucky Luck vs Bizzy B… NYC classic from the school yards! I love new scenes and styles that start from nothing, and these kids are the birth of freshness.

80’s cocaine kings… such a sick documentary about the Miami Scarface era. It’s a must see.

Bristol heritage. When I was a kid I used to watch this video and think it was the coolest shit… still is!!!

The best Acid House documentary. I love watching raw shit on YouTube, to me YouTube is the underground. You can dig deep on there and find gems and this is one of them.

This is seriously good and trippy mayne… Such a sick 40 minute watch of Miles Davis jumping off of a helicopter playing 40 straight minutes with some amazing musicians of that era. All I do is turn up to a festival with a USB key.

Legends of the unlicensed ring. Another of those classic YouTube finds, YouTube is the underground library.

My first skate video. When I was a kid this video was everything – I used to watch this time and time again and go skating, come home, watch it again, go skating…

Imagine being at this clash! So many classic early Jungle tracks sampled this.

Don’t ever cross this lady… my best female revenge Samurai movie, Tarantino owes this bitch everything.