YouTube Sessions: Randomer

Randomer makes more abrasive music than most. His releases for Hemlock, Hessle Audio and Super in the past have all had this characteristic; and as for his forthcoming Hemlock release, well it’s his most intimidating to date.

So, Dillinja is his favourite producer, he watches grime clips when making techno and still has a soft spot for heavy metal. These influences, together with the musicality that stems from his interest in orchestral music, make for one of London’s most impelling and unique electronic artists. Enjoy the extremes of ‘raw’ jump-up and 271-year-old classical music below.

01. Tim & Eric – Ooh Mama

“My friend introduced me to Tim and Eric a few years ago. Sometimes it can be hit and miss but the stuff that is great is the most out there stream of conciousness weird comedy you will ever see. I have a borderline obsession with their show. This is one of my favourite skits from it.”

02. Penderecki – Polymorphia

“Moving swiftly on, this is probably one of my favourite pieces of orchestral music. It was used in “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick. The amount of different textures and sounds created by him using only human voices and orchestral instruments is incredible. Listen to this loud.”

03. Romeo So Solid Crew, Wiley, Pay As U Go, HLC, Major Ace and Maxwell D Live at Ally Pally

“I often like watching youtube clips of raves for inspiration in writing tunes. This is a clip from 2001 of an early grime/late UK garage rave at Alexandra Palace in North London. I remember I was watching this clip when I wrote ‘Scruff Box’ for Hemlock.”

04. Dillinja – Three Drops (unreleased mix)

“This is without question my favourite electronic tune from my favourite producer. It is ripped from a mix Goldie did in 1999 and as far as I know was never released. It’s so fucking raw. One day I will have this dub, if it’s the last thing I do. Although from what I understand it’s lost in the depths of time.”

05. Lord Finesse – featuring KRS-1 & O.C. – Brainstorm / P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix)

“Big fan of hip-hop. This is easily my favourite hip-hop tune. Lord Finesse is criminally underrated. The beat is beyond raw.”

06. Chester P & Mongo – Lab Rat Situation

“Continuing on the hip-hop theme, nothing can remind you of growing up in North London quite like Task Force. ‘I don’t love you, I hate you. I want to duct tape you and slap you till I get swollen palms’. Classic.”

07. John Lee Hooker – I’m Leaving

“I got into music learning guitar when I was younger. I love the blues, still do. It’s the perfect music to get drunk to. I like the ruggedness of John Lee Hooker, he simplified the blues to 1 chord tunes and uses groove and his great voice to catch the listener.”

08. Detroit vs Chicago (from The New Dance Show)

“I don’t think any youtube compilation would be right without some clips from The New Dance show. There’s hours of footage uploaded to youtube. Watching these clips got me educated in Detroit techno and the grimey quality of the recordings inspired me to add that lo-fi edge to my tracks.”

09. Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Winter)

“This is a great video in set in Venice in Winter (don’t look now) of a chamber group performing Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Easily one of my favourite pieces of music, although it is virtuosic which usually puts me off classical music, the simplicity lies in the form. This clip has 21 million views, not bad for someone who died 271 years ago.”

10. Meshuggah – Autonomy Lost

“I thought I’d leave you all with something nice and calming. I always loved metal, and I’m not gonna pretend that I don’t like it just because I’m not a teenager anymore. This music is powerful, the rhythms are fucking nuts, it’s pure aggression. I saw them perform earlier in the year and it’s probably one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Badmans.”

Randomer’s ‘We Laugh, We Scream’/’Nar’/’Freak Dub’ is out Monday, October 1, via Hemlock Recordings.