YouTube Sessions: Rainer Veil

Rainer Veil (Liam Morley and Dan Valentine) are the perfect fit for Modern Love. The duo make mournful, greyscale (read: Mancunian) music informed by the history of UK dance culture. It’s messy and flawed in the best possible way.

They’ve released two EPs to date – ‘Struck’ and ‘New Brutalism’ – but recently have been rather quiet on the release front – hopefully we can expect some new material soon. The duo grace London’s Village Underground this Saturday 05 Dec as part of the Clock Strikes 13 x Modern Love showcase with Andy Stott and Demdike Stare. In the lead-up to the event, from Micachu to Arthur Russell, let them guide you down the YouTube rabbit hole with a few of their favourite clips.

1. Pharoah Sanders – “Kazuko” – An Abandoned Tunnel

This clip of Pharoah Sanders playing in an abandoned tunnel in San Francisco is just amazing. It goes from the meditative to the really intense and back in 10 minutes. Would love to take the Zoom down to that tunnel too.

2. Oneohtrix Point Never – Nobody Here [1:06:07 Edition]

So happy that someone made an hour long version of this, we didn’t even know it existed until we tried to find the link the other day. Always end up just doing a rewind on the original 2 minute version. We’ve played it out in Manchester before so that everyone could have a lonely slow dance.

3. JEFF MILLS very rare live never seen before @ Liquid Room 199? (Sony TechnoTV)

We’re not experts on Jeff Mills in any way, but the clip from this set is awesome. His mixing is intense and there’s something about the noise on the recording that really makes it.

4. All Black – Jungle Fever – BBC 2 Documentary 1994

This is a great documentary from back in the day. You get to hear people like Shy FX talking about what’s going on in the scene at the time; no rose-tinted glasses here. If you like this then definitely check the ‘Talkin’ Headz’ Metalheadz documentary.

5. Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun (1985)

This is just a really beautiful piece of music. It’s so intimately shot, and the slowly strobing projections move with Russell’s drifty delivery really nicely.

6. Artbound Episode: Bukowski Reads Bukowski

Love Bukowski! After watching this you can’t read his writing without hearing that drawn out, gravelly voice. The ‘Born Into This’ documentary is well worth a look too.

7. Micachu 30 min Boiler Room DJ set

This set is so feral. She really does not give a fuck. The boss man at the label is always saying of Mica that she manages to do stuff that’s all over the place, but not in any sort of calculated way, and that’s what makes her so good. We can’t really compliment her enough… The soundtrack to ‘Under The Skin’, her album for Demdike Stare’s label, and her gig with the Shapes in Soup Kitchen a few months ago was great as well.

8. DJ Slimzee B2B J-Cush with Skepta, Jammer & Novelist [NTS Live]

There’s another version of this set floating around somewhere. This edit cuts out a bit where it sounds like a bunch of people are kicking off in the studio. The whole mix is pretty brutal so it’s hard to tell what’s going on really. Last time we went down to NTS for Tropical Waste’s birthday some guy busted in thinking we were repossessing their equipment. We had to explain that we were just trying to set up to play and then he calmed down a bit. Then a completely different guy tried to sell us coke through the hatch in the middle our set, which is fine, but not when you’re trying to play. Not appropriate mate.


Unsettling sound and pictures from the mind of Louis Johnstone. There’s loads more on his YouTube account – WET AMANDA.

10. Jean Michel Basquiat–The Radiant Child (2010)


Rainer Veil play CS13: Modern Love @ Village Underground on Sat 05 Dec. Tickets available here.