YouTube Sessions: PhOtOmachine

Dropping an hour’s worth of rough edged soul for us more than a hundred Hyp mixes ago, its safe to say PhOtOmachine has been on our radar for a while now. Some choice releases over the last few years had won him fans here and there, but it was with last year’s truly sublime edit of Musiq Soulchild ‘H.E.R’ that a lot of people really started to sit up and take notice. Aptly titled a ‘raw edit’ it was a nice taster of what was to come from the Brixton producer, who has been exploring the grubbily soulful territory occupied by the likes of Funkineven, Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and Seven Davis Jr.

Just about to drop the Four Tet and Benji B approved ‘All Black Everything’ EP on Wicked Bass, PhOtOmachine stepped up to do us the honour of submitting the first YouTube sessions on our lovely new website. Hyped up dance hall clashes crop up next to classic footage from The Cosby Show and one street smart, beer guzzling bear. Enjoy.

Smiley Culture – ‘Police Officer’

I grew up around the Saxon Soundsystem in South London and Smiley delivered this hit right at their peak. My dad used to roll with them and I remember watching singers record dub plates in my living room when I was supposed to be in bed. I even borrowed my first drum machine from them.

Ninja Man vs Super Cat –

This is a classic reggae clash. Ninja Man was the bad boy of the scene and was known for rolling with real tough guys but above that he was the godfather of modern dancehall. Super Cat was the guy who made loads of dancehall hits and was on the Kriss Kross ‘Jump’ remix. This is one of the most infamous clashes but might look like nonsense unless you know what they’re saying.

Leon – “Bingo!”

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite films. I always say bingo like this.


Great old movie that was always on SKY when I was was a kid. Who wouldn’t want to go to a theme park like this?

Hofmeister Beer Advert

The music is sick. It’s a parody, but it’s sick. I’m not sure you can even buy this lager anymore but I kind of want a few cans.

The Cosby Show

If you lived in a black household in the 80’s then no doubt that you watched The Cosby Show. There are loads of dope episodes and everyone fancied Lisa Bonet, but this is probably the best one. Bill can’t tap dance but he wants to try and mess with the pros.

M-Dubs Over You

Skeletal Garage. I wish Garage stayed like this and became as serious as techno. If I’m honest very few garage tunes stand the test of time but, this is the exception that.

Nayim vs. Arsenal

Zaragoza vs Arsenal. Nothing else to say except Nayim from the half way line!

Biggie – Party and Bullshit

I’m a huge Biggie fan and I think the was the first album that I bought on CD. This video really touches me as things dun changed. Puff was young and making mad hits. Lil Kim was acting coy before the game changed her. Check out X Klan at 1:54. They look mad fly and you don’t really get black guys dressing like that anymore.

Actress – Shock Therepy 101

I actually wanted to put AZD – ‘Cus Clarence Told Me So’ but thats not online but so this the next best thing. This Actress cut is bouncy and the compete opposite of that nasty 90’s european techno that you find in second hand record shops.

Different Strokes

What you talkin’ bout Willis? If you don’t know, now you know.

The Sopranos…

This is the best TV show ever and the is the best episode. It could be a movie on its own. Track it down, buy the box set and enjoy life.

Letta Mbulu – Nomalizo

Definitely one of my top songs of all time. My dad bought this on a bootleg 12″ in the 80’s and played it constantly when I was growing up. This is real African Boogie. I might even do a re-edit.

We Are Shining x Eliza Doollitle – Killing

The best video I’ve seen in ages. Big up to the girl who risked her life for the art and Acyde and Morgan for the music.