YouTube Sessions: Pedestrian

Fresh from his release for James Zabiela’s newly minted Born Electric label and in anticipation of his set alongside Maribou State in the Welsh woods this weekend, the brother Pedestrian slips on his jim-jams for the latest instalment of online madness.

The recently released ‘Hoyle Road’ saw him reveal his swooning vocal talents to the world, with many many confusing his sumptuous tones for those of SBTRKT vocalist Sampha, praise indeed (although we feel he stands on his own two feet in that department). As anyone familiar will know, behind the boards he’s as potent as ever; equally at home making soul-soaked jams as he is tough bass-fastened house experiments – nothing but the good stuff  to come from this guy in 2013. He introduces his online viewing habits below:

“For my YouTube Session I decided to give you a pretty accurate idea of what I tend to waste time doing online. So a healthy mix of funny weirdness, documentaries and interesting shit from the animal world.”

Drinking Out of Cups

“This was originally a nonsensical recorded rant by Dan Deacon that Liam Lynch found and did an animation for. The result is absolute gold, still cracks me up every time.”

Best of G.I. Joe PSAs

“More stupid humour. The american government commissioned the making of a load of G.I. Joe public service announcements. Some comical genius decided to over dub them. Definitely a required taste.”

Brian Eno Imaginary Landscapes

“Brian Eno fascinates me endlessly, he is a mind expanding drug. His outlook and philosophies on music are as interesting as they are inspiring.”

D4NNY – Amazing Person On My Mind (Official Music Video)

“This guy is something else. Hilariously cringeworthy to the maximum.”

Meanwhile in Russia

“Russians are fucking nuts, watch the evidence.”

Disappearing Octopus

“Some pure mind boggling craziness that lurks in the depths.”

Peacock Spider

“Coolest arachnid on the planet? Soundtrack is pretty perfect too.”

Tre Parker & Matt Stone on Acid at Oscars

“You’ve got to love these guys. I have no idea how they had the balls to do this, Tre Parker’s gurn is quality.|”

The King of Kong

“This easily one of the best/funniest documentaries I’ve ever seen, you really couldn’t write this. Well worth watching all the parts.”

Giving a Homeless Man $3000

“A video that restores a bit of faith in humankind, props to the people that made it happen. The guys tash is pretty jokes too.”

Catch Pedestrian this Saturday on the Eton Messy stage at Gottwood Festival in Wales