pearson sound - credit Sima Korenivski

YouTube Sessions: Pearson Sound

Debuting as Ramdanman back in 2006 during the halcyon days of Dubstep, David Kennedy has outlasted the demise of that moniker and the genre’s credibility to become one of Britain’s most popular producers of underground bass centric dance music. The intervening seven years have seen Kennedy contribute to Fabric’s much loved mix series as Pearson Sound, lecture at Red Bull Music Academy’s Madrid edition and drop a well received 12″ of Chicago House indebted thumpers under his ‘Maurice Donovan’ alias, all whist remaining an integral cog in the Hessle Audio machine alongside university chums Ben UFO and Pangaea. As ahead of the game as he was back when he first dropped ‘Response’ back in ’06, his recent EP on Hessle is another salvo of minimalist percussion driven workouts delivered in fearlessly original fashion.

Roping in Kennedy for this week’s YouTube Sessions, he delivered some classic moments from DMZ, iPhone made garage beats, some live DJ E.Z magic and of course, as is customary, a novelty cat clip…

DMZ 3rd Birthday

Formative clubbing experiences in 2008.

Shepard-Risset Glissando

Power tonesssss.

The Day Today – The Bureau

“You’re out!” – probably Coogan’s best line, ever.

Brand New Schindler 9300AE Escalators in JCPenney

This one is for all the escalator enthusiasts out there.

Prepared Turntable

Turntable art from Yuri Suzuki – his other pieces are worth checking too, such as white noise machine.

What does it mean to be able to make Pulse X on the iPhone?

If you have a spare few minutes & an iphone…

DJ EZ @ Ocean Rooms 26/5/2006

DJ EZ at work. Check the chops at 3.33!

Cat Pushes A Tiny Trolley

Wouldn’t be a YouTube sessions without a token cat video. Shouts to Pangaea.

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