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YouTube Sessions: Norvis Junior

Norvis Junior is the Las Vegas via Brooklyn via Dallas vocalist and producer who dropped the scintillating Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03 EP for London’s Tape Club Records earlier this month. Possessing an enviable work rate – he’s released seven EPs in the past two years – Norvis Junior is an artist of multiple disciplines, recently grabbing the lead role in a new short film directed by his brother Terence Nance that’ll be screened at this year’s Sundance.

On his latest endeavour, he conjures the kind of woozy psychedelia prevalent on LA strongholds Stones Throw and Brainfeeder, with an unmistakable gaze towards the extramundane. From his pondering croon on ‘More Shakers’ to the cosmic beauty of ‘Believers‘, Norvis Junior builds a sound that’s at once disjointed and totally coherent, exploring space bound gospel across the EP’s seven tracks.

Speaking on the EP, he says:

“I was in Miami shooting the film to accompany the first two EPs I released in Brooklyn and was having a lot of conversations with the producers and crew about what’s happening in the world. I feel…I know there’s more happening than what we observe and the conversations centered around change. So i just began to think about change a lot while I was down there: the fears of approaching it, the triumphs of going through it, what can and can’t change. Along with the 808 kick, because I was told the vibration of the Miami point of the Bermuda Triangle is that of an 808 sub kick frequency. On the plane ride back from from Miami the Director of Photography said Pyrrhic Victory is a great band name. I researched what it was and I realized that there is pyrrhic victory happening now in how we currently view technological advancement. The way we view technology in today’s culture is around enframing, which comes from a mind operating strictly from information but information can be skewed and what’s being ignored is intuition. That led me to realize what’s changing… we’re moving from the age of information into the age of intuition. So after I got back from Miami I made all but two of the beats in a matter of like 24 hours and over the span of a year I revealed lyrics to myself that helped to make sense of what I was feeling when I was creating the instrumental tracks.”

Norvis Junior has some pretty interesting things to say about the way we communicate, and creativity in the technological age. Here he digs into his world of URLs, mining visual goodies that include a must see interview with Miles Davis on Prince, a classic FlyLo tune for Adult Swim and an insightful documentary on John Coltrane, who Norvis describes as a multi-dimensional being.

1. Miles Davis on Prince

Prince is one of my 5 idols. Miles Davis is my teacher. Miles is like my Obi Wan, once he became all spirit. I used to see him in my dreams all the time growing up.

2. School of Life – Transference episode

I feel I have a mutant power to tell if people are acting from their direct context or pre-judging based on previous life experience.

3. Spacebear

Me and spacebear both studied fine art at community college.

4. Darth Jar Jar?!!?!?!

The only reason Jar Jar existed had to be to be evil. I’m just saying if he isn’t a sith then his whole place in the films is completely pointless.
5. School of Life – Astrophysics and Religion episode

Universal consciousness has to be real. It just is… it just is.

6. 8-bit philosophy – are drugs good?

The title is simpler than the philosophy. Any substance that alters your experience is a drug though I think… so in that case if you eat a sugar cookie and then start acting all hyper, does that make sugar cookies drugs? Uhhhhhh……. yea.

7. [Adult Swim] Baggage Room bump

I don’t know if this is the original visuals for this bump but this definitely the first song by FlyLo I ever knew of – I heard it first on Adult Swim. I remember for years thinking this was a Madlib song ‘cos i didn’t know who Flying Lotus was until my homie Isaiah told me he had a CD by the guy who makes the songs for the Adult Swim commercials… and the rest is history.

8. MF DOOM – Mm.. Food

This album changed my whole LIFE.

9. 8-bit philosophy – is technology killing creativity

I have a pretty wandering mind and I think that our current mass culture technological ethos is losing sight of how to create useful tools. At the same time the counter culture is out here making the greatest tools of all time.

10. John Coltrane – The World According to John Coltrane

In high school I had theories about John Coltrane being an alien. The frequencies of his songs with modal structures would activate my mind like nothing before… I now understand him to be a multidimensional being.

Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03 is out now on Tape Club Records. Order it here.