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YouTube Sessions: Mungo’s Hi-Fi

Many things to many people, simply put Mungo’s Hi-Fi are the most authentic Reggae experience to be found outside of the Carribean. Whilst the idea of a group of Glaswegians attempting to channel the spirit of Jamiaca’s finest export may have seemed unusual at first, the collective have built up a hard earned reputation as high quality practitioners of the form since they started out in 2001. With a host of LP’s and countless Dubs churned out on both their own Scotch Bonnet imprint and a range of other labels, they’ve attracted a dedicated following to gigs around the world – performances which see their high energy stylings matched up by the all mighty low end of their beloved custom built rig.

Due to drop ‘You See Me Star‘ – a full length with frequent collaborator Charlie P, April 15th – the good folks at Mungo’s have stepped up to the plate for this week’s YouTube Sessions. With Favela knee’s up, guided tours of Reggae stars pad’s and stage diving near misses, they’ve served up a selection that’s packed to the brim with entertainment…

Metromedia Video

This is a clip which we were obsessed with for years, before the days of YouTube in fact. It pretty much sums up Dancehall in the 80s. If a time machine were invented this is where we would go

Steelie & Cleavie

Here is a great insight into production from the two guys responsible solely responsible for the sound of 80s Dancehall.

Stage dive

The best thing about YouTube is funny videos, thug life clips and fails. In Slovakia a punter managed to get on stage, he was so happy to be there we encouraged him to enrich his stage experience with a dive. He dives like Olympic champion and it nearly goes horribly wrong. Luckily he only broke his thumb.

Ras Trent

This is the best spoof which sums up nicely all the clichés of white dreadlocked rastas and why the internet is good

Favela party in Brazil

Last month we were on tour in Brazil with Charlie P and had the one of the craziest nights at a ghetto party, the next day we went to another favela a little worse for wear and played, this is what happened

Pull up in art school

Another clip closer to home, this is from our monthly night in Glasgow, where we recently had General Levy pass through

‘Dub Controller’ feat. Charlie P

One of our favourite tunes from OBF’s new album ‘Wild’

A day in the life of Chimpo

Badman producer and absolute joker from Manchester soon to be remixing Mungo’s!

Eek-A-Mouse – The Mouse Hole

Like a Cribs episode that never was

Daddy Freddy on record breakers

Daddy Freddy and Roy Castle in the same video breaking records, nuff said

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Charlie P’s ‘You See Me Star’ is released April 15 on Scotch Bonnet Records. Pre-order your copy here.