YouTube Sessions: Mosca

Mosca‘s been quiet of late. The recently announced (ironically named) ‘A Thousand Years’ Wait’ EP is the producer’s first release of 2013 following in the footsteps of last Summer’s razor sharp ‘Eva Mendes’ EP for Hypercolour. His new record will be released via Delsin Records offshoot Ann Aimee, an imprint which has played host to an array of artists such as Delta Funktionen, Shifted and Nick Höppner. ‘A Thousand Years’ Wait’ consists of 3 dark Techno sluggers that will be best enjoyed inside a warehouse on the continent. I know it’s been a while but did we really need reminding just how good this guy is?

He took some time out in NYC whilst touring America to express his inner self via the medium of YouTube. Think home video footage of Joey Anderson & DJ Qu, WAX, Batucada, Four Tape Recorder Techniques and JLS enjoying ‘Tilt Shift’…

It Wasn’t Me

Firstly I will just say I’m not really up on all these viral things so you’ve probably seen this already a million times but it makes me laugh. This is also part of the reason why I love Scotland.

WAX – 50005

Of course Shed aka WAX aka EQD aka Heads High aka Rene etc etc is way way up there, but I chose this more for the channel, 29th Nov Films. Every upload is pretty much incredible and this one especially just gets me.

Samsung Means To Come


Not technically a YouTube video but something I saw the other day and couldn’t stop watching even though in the back of my mind I was thinking this could potentially go on for a couple of months or longer. NSFW unless you work in one of those trendy offices where anything goes and you have a cool boss who takes cocaine on staff nights out.

Four Tape Recorder Techniques For Minimal Techno

Sounds good, looks good. Probably smells good as well if you were there.

Stefan Goldmann – Ghost Hemiola

More geeky shit here. Not exactly club rocking stuff but he’s wearing a nice shirt and if you’re into rhythm like me it’s a must.


If you’ve ever been to Brazil or seen some Batucada drumming live you will know about the POWER… Obviously couldn’t pick a favourite video but you can get the gist from this one.

Paris Is Burning

I’m in NYC right now and had been meaning to watch this forever so finally got round to it. Check out the full film if you came up on Masters At Work, and catch another angle.

Joey And Qu – Fukoka, Japan 1998

Blistering home video footage before Joey Anderson or DJ Qu had released any music. Stories right here. Check out Joey’s channel for more movement.

Godson Krumping To Mosca – Tilt Shift

More dancing… This time Godson on Sky 1’s Got To Dance, basically The X Factor for dancing. First time I’d ever seen my shit on TV and that cunt from JLS is bopping his head to it. Not Godson’s best performance but he’s pretty amazing nonetheless.

Timothy Shieff – Man Catches London Underground On His Hands

Met this guy when he came to see me at a rave in San Francisco. He’s from the UK but was out there to link a Pornstar and basically be Batman. Love how nobody really bats an eyelid… welcome to London. Might wanna watch this on mute by the way.