Moiré Lead Press Pic 1 credit Katja Ruge

YouTube Sessions: Moiré

We know very little about mysterious London based producer Moiré, who’s debut LP ‘Shelter’ was released this week. His return to Actress’ label Werkdiscs is welcome, a year and a half since the label gave him his first release, also in collaboration with Ninja Tune. Moiré, who takes his name from the visual effect that takes place when two identical patterns are overlapped and slightly displaced, develops his spaced out Techno into new areas inspired by ideas from his two previous releases. After ‘Never Sleep’ came out on Werkdiscs, he then made an appearance on the established Dutch label Rush Hour, with ‘Rolx’.

To celebrate the release of ‘Shelter’, this YouTube sessions provides entertainment from documentaries on bears, live 909 Techno and psychedelic animation.

‘Fear And Loathing In Gonzovision’ Documentary

Documentary about Dr. Hunter. S. Thompson . This is for anybody who saw or red ‘Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas’ – this is must see.

Le Samuraï

All around amazing film , great soundtrack by Francois de Roubaix – who is one of the first composers that used early drum machines synths in his scores. Dope.

La Prisonniere

Art scenes from 1968 H.G Cluzot film La Prisonniere – just an amazing example of experimentation on film from the late 60’s – far out. Got that film randomly in Paris like 10 years ago.

Stille Nacht – Dramolet

Quay Brothers – One of their amazing animations… l like it coz its so unpredictable and confusing ,unusual and somehow magical.

‘Let’s Get Lost’ Documentary

Documentary about Chet Baker – legend.

‘Grizzly Man’ Documentary

Love Werner Herzog’s work, this film is just next level – kind of black comedy… Tragic yet hilarious.

‘Biggie and Tupac’ Documentary

Nick Broomfield doc – great doc about two biggest G’s.

La Jetée

La Jetée – Chris Maker – incredible epic sci-fi film made from stills.

Jeff Mills at Wire 03

JAPAN WIRE… love the madness of it… class.

‘Talkin’ Headz’ Documentary

Metalheadz Doc – nostalgic moment… I used to watch that on the loop end of 90’s.

Main Image: Katja Ruge

Moiré’s debut LP is out now on Werkdiscs and Ninja Tune. It is available to purchase here.