YouTube Sessions: Midland

In anticipation of his appearance at Wigflex x Mimm x Hyponik in Nottingham next Friday, Midland finds time in between this weeks vocal recording sessions and Panorama Bar preparations to assemble our latest YouTube Session.

Last year saw the Aus Music regular release the potent ‘Placement’ EP and collaborate with the likess of Pariah and Breach, furthering his exploration of the mongrel strains of house music. The deadly ‘Trace’, his latest EP for Will Saul’s label, is set to reaffirm Midland as one the brightest stars in this weird world of modern club music.

His YouTube Session reaches for Russia’s Tunnel of Death, Boards Of Canada, Whistler, Dogtown CA, Prince, and Surgeon smashing-out a Jingle Bells mash-up. Lovely stuff…

Paris Is Burning

“One of the most beautiful, sad, affecting documentaries about the early days of the New York Ballroom scene and in parts the birth of house. A testament of what its like to pioneer and be involved a scene when no one else wants to know about it”

Prince – Purple Rain

“You don’t get films like this anymore, part fiction, part promotional. Its just one direction lip syncing with their dead teeny boy eyes on x factor these days. This song hits me so hard, especially when he starts wailing at 5:16 its game over.”

Best Cry Ever – Auto-Tuned hip hop remix

“The best cry ever was a personal favourite, but this remix just elevates it to the next level.”

Radiohead – Glastonbury 1997

“It is very rare that I yearn to go back in time, but to see this performance, which effectively acted as a coronation ceremony for Radiohead to become one of the biggest bands in the world would have been immense. Speaking to people who were there, they unanimously sing its praise.”

DJ Craze – DMC World Championships 2000

“Dj Craze is a badman. I love the way he plays jungle and reprograms it to sound completely different. Watching the DMC’s now, where everyone is on laptops is so dry. Where are the records with the little white stickers!”

Dogtown and Z-Boys

“One of the best documentaries out there, containing two of my favourite things, surfing and skateboarding. These young guys were like skating rockstars which is every teenage boys dream really.”

Poma Ads: BBC wrong expert interview (2006)

“The one where a guy coming for a job interview got interviewed as a computer specialist. The moment when she introduces him and his face screws up makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD every time.”

Breaking Bad Remix (Seasons 1 and 2)

“Another novelty remix, nothing groundbreaking, but I like that someone went to the trouble of making this, it has bought many laughs to my house! The Bell riff at 1:10 is dope.”

Seven Sunny Days- Epic Super, Uber, Awesome Sesh in Whistler

“My other passion is skiing, and this is just stupendous. Build massive ramp. Get some Helicopters. Ask bunch of hyper macho skiers to come and show off = Over the top fun for all the family.”

だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat

“Token cat video.”

Russia’s Tunnel of Death

“This is just cray, security footage of a tunnel under a reservoir in Russia which floods every year and turns the road in to a sheet of ice. I hope everyone involved was ok.”

Surgeon Plays “Jingle The Bells”

“Surgeon playing a mashup of Jeff Mills “The Bells” and “Jingle Bells”. Badman.”

Kezuroukai, Planing Competition Finals 2012

“This is why the internet is great/scary. Footage from the world planing competition.”

Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

“You know when you have this exact idea of how a music video, film sequence to a certain piece of music should sound, and then it happens. This really. One of my favourite Boards of Canada tunes, with lots of slo mo super 8 footage of people skydiving.”

160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

“I’ve seen you before, you’re the asshole on TV”

Photography: James Clothier