YouTube Sessions: Matt Verovkins

So here it is, ten years deep in the UK’s underground evolution. Who better to curate this weeks YouTube Session than Hyponik boss man himself, Matt Verovkins. Matt’s contribution and commitment to music over the past decade has been second to none, hats off to you Sir! Here’s to another 10 years of music, parties, tears, joy, broken bones, nudity, drunken behaviour and more than a few dancefloor epiphanies.

His anniversary YouTube meanderings take in Queen, Autechre, Meam, Yellow Man, drunken faceplants and much more…

Shari Vari

“Just an amazing tune and video, it’s crazy to think music was being made like this back then, and this whole show concept is just bizzare, but this is apparently one of the first ever “house music” songs that was made before the word was even heard of.”

Queen – Live Aid

“Yeah I love Queen, and so what? This has to be the greatest live performance of all time and I never get bored of watching it (Parts 1- 5) and I must watch it at least once a week still.”

Aphex Twin – Window Licker

“One of the tracks that got me really hooked into Warp and the more underground scenes, I used to watch this video on repeat along with Come to Daddy. This time was such a special period in my life discovering amazing music and the bigger, more chin strokey side of music.

Techno Viking

“I’m not sure if this is performance art or the real thing, either way its great and never fails to amuse me.”

Meam – Tcon (The L)

“More from the legends that are Skam Records, I remember buying this vinyl and getting a free DVD (when DVD’s were pretty new) and it just blew my mind, I’ve also seen these guys live a few times and their visuals were so original and cutting edge.”

Autechre – Gantz Graf

“More nostalgic electronica for me, I just love the abrasiveness of this track and even though it’s some time ago the video still stands up and shows the artists maximising the potential of their tools.”

Bed Intruder

“Classic….and these guys are quite talented too?”

Doncaster Warehouse

“I actually used to go to under 18’s happy hardcore raves and there isn’t much of a difference really, theres some funny faces in this, who’s your favourite? This was the first music “trend” I latched onto as a young 13 year old and as horrendous as it is, these were defining times for me and easily some of the best times of my life.”


“I’d like to say I am always looking for fresh new talent on YouTube, but to be honest I’m mainly looking at people falling over, animals fighting or just general stupid stuff… here is an example.”



“Probably my favourite dancehall act, this footage is just him riding one riddem all the way…”

Tonight (October 19th) we are celebrating a decade of UK-centric bass and electronic music at Birthday’s in Dalston, RSVP here.