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YouTube Sessions: Mark E

Not to be confused with The Fall’s curmudgeonly band leader Mark E Smith, Birmingham based Mark ‘E’ Evetts has long been one of the most quietly consistent producers to hail from these shores. First earning a rep as a master editor of Disco cuts, he fashioned extended dancefloor interpretations that saw him become a staple of many DJ’s record bags. As is often the case with those that start out reworking others, he progressed naturally into his own wholly original productions – landing on an unfussy but accomplished sound that perenially nods to the roots of House and Disco. The owner of his own label MERC, Evett’s latest EP ‘Activity’ landed on Bristol’s Futureboogie – and finds him riding chugging Balearic inspired loops across three tracks.

Given control of this week’s YouTube Sessions Evetts took the chance to revist an old skating vid, relive the immortalisation of a House music great and indulge in some Rave nostalgia….


No plot, no words, just amazingly shot images of the world around us and how humans effect and interact with it, set to ultra Balearic soundtrack.

Larry Levan Way

Recent history made for all the world to see. What a great time I had watching this live as it happened, a true celebration of the life of Larry Levan and NYC showing the world where club culture came from and how to do it properly. A full on dance party taking up the whole of the street and not all focused around gawping at the DJ – smart phones at a minimum and a desire to just let go and dance.

BLIND video days

It was either this or the “search for animal chin”, perhaps the blind video edged cause of its raw quality and amazing sound track and of course the Gonz. My mates and I would sit and watch this, then get hugely inspired to just go out and skate.


I have to check this video every now and then – Funk on a whole new level, I cant describe it, just watch it.


The elusive Julien Love. He seems to have disappeared off the planet again, but had the pleasure of having him play at our night in Birmingham and spending a night out in London when he lived over here. He produces this amazing music and makes the videos to go with it, an unrecognized reluctant genius .

Bruce Hack

Teenage party set to Electro, works so well.


Very reminiscent of when i went to Ibiza in 94, some of it has dated watching back now, but it really is a good portrayal of how i remember
my holiday there, brits abroad but there to sample the balearic vibe and immerse themselves in the islands treasures.

Castle Morton

I didn’t go, I was slightly too young and missed out on this whole era of free parties in the UK, but at the time it was a massive thing and of course later led to the criminal justice bill which tried to stamp out free raves and parties. But this video just shows the scale of the movement and I find it so interesting that this went on, on our doorsteps, a totally free evolving scene, and it involved everyone from all corners of society.


I remember downloading this off the internet and it took hours and hours with the slow internet connection we used to have, and at that time there was no footage of KDJ anywhere so to find this was pretty rare I remember.


Full length film cataloguing the Gay Black Latin “Ball” scene set against the back drop of 90’s NYC. A real insight of the Disco/early House scene happening in the city at that time.

‘Activity’ is out now on Futureboogie. Buy it here.