YouTube Sessions: M.E.S.H.

Berlin’s PAN have had an impressive year so far, with a multitude of boundary-pushing releases from the likes of Lifted, Errorsmith & Mark Fell, Helm and a long-deserved reissue of Spectre’s 1998 cassette mixtape ‘Ruff Kutz’.

Their most recent offering comes from Berlin-based M.E.S.H.,who debuted on the label with last year’s ‘Scythians’ – a protean assortment of club deconstructions that melded aspects of Grime, Techno and Hardstyle. The Janus member’s new album – ‘Piteous Gate’ – carries the crystalline sound design and tactile textures of his first EP into even more mystical territories. Where ‘Scythians’ could soundtrack the club, albeit a rather divergent form of it, ‘Piteous Gate’ sees M.E.S.H. drag out more contemplative themes that harbour a cinematic level of detail and often conflicting rhythms and sound sources – including droning synth loops and samples of Renaissance instrumentation.

With M.E.S.H. describing some of the inspiration behind the album as the sensory overload of online living, we got him to provide a collection of his favourite YouTube oddities. It features a breathtaking clip of Berlin’s legendary Love Parade from 1997, a cut from Techno don WestBam featuring Richard Butler, and an infectious new music video from New Jersey’s finest, DJ Lilman.

1.Love Parade 1997 – DJ Hell Part 1

DJ Hell dropping an amazing DJ Naughty track at the 1:00 mark, to a sea of people under the Siegessäule. Crane shots and search lights make the video.

2.Viviane Ndour – Fima Tollu.avi (Senegal)

The mpeg compression makes the Mbalax drumming sound so crazy. Perfect song and video.


Great dance and great video, impossible not to smile.

4.Titus 1999 HD Trailer William Shakespeare Osheen Jones Dario D’Ambrosi Anthony Hopkins

Trailer for Julie Taymor’s underappreciated Titus. Amazing sets, costumes & art direction.


Some misunderstood genius creates objectively perfect Sim City playthrough, sets it to brutal minimalist music.

6.Bassae (1964)

Poetic study of a Greek temple.

7.Front 242 – Funkahdafi live

Great dancing from the Belgian warriors.

8.Westbam feat. Richard Butler – You Need The Drugs

Berlin nightlife mythology captured in such a simple song that really gets to me.

9.Jonesmann & 41 Beatfanatika feat. Ghazy- Jemand wie mich

South Berlin crunk n’ B (???) from this 2008 41 Beatfanatika album I’m obessed with. Sorry for offensive content.

10.Patrice O’Neal talks Honesty with Dylan Gadino

One of the only real people ever born who passed way before his time.

‘Piteous Gate’ is out now on PAN. Order it here.

Featured Image: Julia Burlingham