YouTube Sessions: LV

Stepping up next on the YouTube Sessions schedule is one of the top homegrown talents to rise from the UK underground in the past decade. LV is the London-based trio of Will, Simon and Gervase, three producers who burst out of the Hyperdub stables in 2007 with their roots-driven take on dubstep. In the time since they’ve been repeat offenders on Kode9’s imprint, as well as a touchstone on the rosters of Keysound Recordings, Soul Jazz and Hemlock, pushing a sound that channels influences from South London-to-Soweto, via the Southside of Chicago.

Typically multifarious, their YouTube selection dips into musical eclecticisms from Busta Rhymes, Sun Ra, Tigran Hamasyan and the Venezuelan Changa Tuki scene, comedy from Stewart Lee, plus a taste of some of their own forthcoming material. Catch LV on home turf next Saturday 4th May when they perform at Oscillate Wildly, Corsica Studios, alongside Moiré, Peverelist, Elgato and Beneath. Details and tickets here.


“Ishmael Reed is one of the most exciting novelists I’ve ever read. Unfortunately it’s really not hat easy to get hold of his stuff in bookshops, particularly in the UK. This is a very brief description, by him, of his first novel and the idea of collage. Collage plays a big role in how I think about music so it’s interesting to hear that he applies it to his writing too.”

“Speaking of sampling…..Candidate for best string sample ever. Everything else is also amazing about this track. Reminds me of walking round Paris with it on my minidisc player. Specifically Rue Poissonnière cos it was on the way home from pretty much everywhere else.”

“Pacheko put me on to this doc that he made on a Venezuelan scene called Changa Tuki – as with all music, some of it is just ok but some of it is brilliant. This film helps put the sound in a context and more to the point makes the parties look like a lot of fun.”

“Ernst Reijseger is an amazing cello player and this video demonstrates the ridiculous breadth he gets out of his instrument. The m’bira is also one of our favourite sounds. This is made even better somehow by the lo fi nature of the recording. Ernst’s performance style reminds of Han Bennink who is also a total legend (check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWYUnfSYtrs)”

“We’re doing a few shows with Tigran Hamasyan later this year but before we linked with him we watched a bunch of stuff to get up to speed. This was the video that really blew us away. You can’t beat a beat up old piano.”

“Stewart Lee is a great stand-up comedian and writer and here he is talking about blasphemy. It’s worth it just for his mellifluous voice-over. I’d avoid reading the comments, it’s the usual mixture of tedious misapprehension, race war and PEOPLE WRITING IN CAPS FOR NO APPARENT REASON.”

“This is a bit of a classic. Ra was a big Disney fan and this goes to show what a shame it was that he never got to flex his enormous compositional and arrangement talents for them. Might have scared the kids a bit, which would obviously have been a bonus. There’s something about his vocal arrangements that are really satisfying too.”

“Here’s something to have a little dance to.”

“This Danish guy Johann Schmelt got in touch with us over the internet so we don’t really know much about his other than through the weird music he sends us. This one was a musical accompaniment to one of his favourite Werner Herzog movies. Apparently playing along to the Herzog back-catalogue is one of his musical preoccupations. Normally he doesn’t record them but he made an exception here so we thought we’d put it on the web.”

“This is basically a plug for a couple of tracks SI and I put out under a different name via bandcamp. So there isn’t much more to say on that one other than go here and pick it up if you like it —— http://alter-id.bandcamp.com/album/sours