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YouTube Sessions: Lil JaBBA

Its testament to Alexander Shaw’s individuality as an artist that even in the unique domain of Footwork he stands out. Born in Australia, he eventually moved to Baltimore, where he became enamored with the rapid fire sounds of the genre and crafted his own take on the Chicago originated sound. Rather than crafting knock-off facsimiles of his Windy City contemporaries, Shaw’s work as Lil JaBBA stands as some of the more unusua music made at such breakneck tempo – employing an uncommon level of gloss and an esoteric arsenal of samples.

Newcomers to his bizarre sonic world would be well advised to check out his releases for London’s ever-dependable Local Action – including last year’s ’47’ EP and the 2013’s ‘Scales’ full length. Both records excel in finding a sweet spot amid apparent dissonance, with every vocal and sample skewed just beyond recognition as tempos slide recklessly up and down the scale.

Shaw’s turn on YouTube Sessions unsurprisingly takes in a couple of frontline Footwork clips – but true to form he mixes it up, with videos from Reggae legend Horace Andy, pre-2000 Japan and he largest freshwater lake in Russia all thrown in for good measure…

Viktors Lapcenoks- ‘Lapsenes Nave’

My lil bruv showed me this one, super groovy Latvian heat, I dig! Need to sample this

‘Sidra’s Theme’

Love this tune, classic Northern Soul instrumental without the vocals. Think it’s better without honestly.

Horace Andy- ‘Rain From The Sky’

I love Horace Andy, really a huge fan. This track always manages to get me to shed a single tear if I’m feeling particularly emotional that day.

Shorties Battle (Footwork)

Some lil kids tearing it up in the circle.

L-Town SUmma Bangz

A clip from 2008 when I started getting into Footwork. Always loved this track, never knew who produced it. I like this early form of Footwork


Used to be right obsessed with these weird 80s/90s Japanese commercials. I think this has something to do with hand warmers.

Fati Nijar YaBo

I’ve sampled her voice a few times and slowed it down to make synths.

I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

Ah Fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this.

Lake Baikal

A video I enjoy a lot- I’ve had a long standing obsession with Lake Baikal, the world’s largest fresh water lake in Russia.

Beautiful swamp flowers and an ugly alligator

Trying to make a music video like this, big swamp fan.

’47’ is out now on Local Action. Buy it here