YouTube Sessions: Lenzman

Teije van Vliet aka. Lenzman is one of the few people who genuinely gets to live their dream.  The Dutch producer first encountered DnB via tape packs, before experiencing it first hand in 1996 at Metalheadz’s now legendary Sunday session at Hoxton’s Blue Note. Fast forward to the present day and Lenzman is now one of the stand out artists on the label he once idolised, thrust into the spotlight after finally releasing his long awaited debut album, ‘Looking At The Stars’, this week. Combining Drum n Bass with his love of Soul and Hip-Hop, its the crowning achievement on a production career that has been underway for the best part of a decade. Rich in melody and propulsive in its rhythms, the record serves an emphatic reminder of the vitality of Drum n Bass at a time when many have already turned their back on it.

Asking Lenzman for a YouTube Sessions with a difference, he duly delivered-deciding to go in depth with a list of his favorite moments from HBO’s classic television series The Sopranos. With a brief explanation on why he chose to focus on the show before his selection, here is the man himself:

“For me David Chase’s The Sopranos is as good as television ever got. It’s got great acting, loveable (and hateable) characters, tense story-lines, laugh out loud humour, horrendous violence, real depth and complexity and besides, who doesn’t like a mob story. I personally have watched the whole series a couple of times and I never get tired of it. There are so many memorable scenes in the series, and I haven’t watched it in a few years now, but I had to pick ten. So here is a selection of my favourite moment that came to mind – in random order. Spoilers ahead!”

Pine Barrens


Pine Barrens might well be my favourite Sopranos episode. It’s actually pretty much stand alone and not connected to any plot-lines, but it features two of the series best characters: Christopher and Paulie. This episode is full of classic moments, but here’s the part where things start going down hill…

Christopher’s Intervention


Throughout the series Christopher battles with drugs and alcohol. Born into the mob, he struggles with the dark side of (his) life. He’s constantly being judged for his weakness, but encouraged to drink at other times. He’s one of the most troubled and tragic characters in the series. Here everyone teams up on him…

Pie O Mie


Throughout the series Tony often has to deal with people that make life very difficult for him, none more so than Ralph Cifaretto. He also seems to have a strange love for animals for someone who has so little value for a human life. When he suspects Ralph has killed a racehorse to claim insurance money, Tony goes over the edge… The bit after this scene is pretty brutal too – but you’ll have to just watch the whole series!

Waiter Scene


This scene has dark humour while at the same time being incredibly difficult to watch. And it really does show the ruthless minds of these characters. “Don’t they have medicine they’re supposed to take these assholes??”…

Tony And Tony


When Tony’s cousin Tony comes out of prison he tries to stay on the straight and narrow. But one thing leads to another (as it always does) and he’s pulled back into the game. He ends up off-ing a member of the New York family and their boss calls for cousin Tony’s head. Tony Soprano refuses to give him up, but instead takes matters into his own hands…

Tony & Carmella Fight


In The Soprano’s Tony has countless gomaahs on the side. It’s a theme throughout the series. This scene is an explosive conclusion to his latest string of affairs. It deals with his morals, but also touches on Carmella’s-who hates what her husband does, but also enjoys the luxuries it provides her. This time she’s had enough though. Have a look at this acting masterclass…

Long Term Parking


This scene is one of the most gut wrenching moments in the series. Adriana, Christopher’s fiancé, is a bit of a naïve girl, but always means well. She has been flipped by the FBI. This is what happens shortly after she tells Christopher, who once again choses the side of ‘the family’. Harrowing stuff…

Still The Boss


In the later seasons Tony is in bad health after a stint in the hospital – which he almost doesn’t make out of alive. While he’s in there his crew are already planning for life without him and when he does make it out it’s almost like they are disappointed. He has to remind them that he’s still the undisputed leader and makes an example of one of the bodyguards…

Goodbye Christopher


Tony and Christopher have a father-son relationship. But as I mentioned before the tragic Christopher continuously struggles with drugs and alcohol because of his lifestyle. Deep down he doesn’t seem to have the stomach for it. Eventually, when Tony stars losing his faith in Christopher as his heir. As he sits next to a clearly high Christopher he looks at him with loathing. Seconds after they are in a car crash together and Tony’s had enough. He knows Christopher is a liability and he suddenly becomes ruthless and seizes the opportunity to rid himself of a massive thorn in his side. Ice cold…

This Is Goodbye


The final scene in The Soprano’s is as equally hated as it is loved. I personally thought it was a great ending. To me it had parallels to the famous restaurant scene in The Godfather and there just is this feeling of menace there. The thing is, it’s all in my own head. And I guess David Chase is letting you decide what’s about to happen when the music stops… Did they clip him or didn’t they?

‘Looking At The Stars’ is out now on Metalheadz. Buy it here