YouTube Sessions: Kurupt FM

This week’s YouTube Session comes to you straight from the slums of Brentford via a crew that have been doing it for UKG since you were just a twinkle in your dad’s eye. That’s right we’ve got the pleasure of handing over the controls on this one to none other than pirate radio kings Kurupt FM. Made up of DJ Beats, MC Grindah (formerly Sniper) and a whole crew of realer than real roadmen, the team have finally made the big time after years on the grind by getting their own documentary series on BBC 3. Focusing on their lives out on the streets and in the studio, ‘People Just Do Nothing’ has introduced the world to a whole Kurupt FM ‘chamunity’ including; perma-blazed Steves, Beats’ girflriend Roche, Grindah’s missus Miche, local business mogul Chabuddy G and his faithful other half Aldona.

Here with a selection every bit as deadly as one of their sets, we’ve got MC Grindah with a list of clips that (naturally) includes him and Beats’ club smash ‘Get Out The Way’, action badman Jason Statham getting down to business and two blokes in a van. Savor these little nuggets of gold then catch the boys on iPlayer, at a rave near you, or by switching your FM dial all the way to 108.9.

MC Sniper feat. Beats – ‘Get Out the Way’

Obviously this needs no intro. Instant classic and club anthem Get Out the Way. We’ve been living off this tune for about three years or something now. Not money-wise cos we still haven’t actually made any money off it… but it’s probably partly why the BBC decided to follow the story of our lives. I even had to change my name since then cos dealing with the fame was getting so intense.

So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds MOBO performance

This is a once in a lifetime performance from the So Solid mandem back in 2001. The moment when Romeo comes down running through the air gives me goosebumps every time.

Jason Statham vs the World

Beats chose this one. Statham is probably the main person, other than me, that Beats really looks up to and admires. This is quite a powerful video where Statham just basically batters bare people. Beats has studied his moves in quite a lot of detail so let that be a message to any of our rivals.

Kurupt FM X Mixmag – ‘How To DJ’

There’s actually four videos in this series, this is just the first one and to be honest it’s not the most important one, this is aimed at people who aren’t cut out for MCing and have ended up trying to DJ instead. The How to MC one is even better, for obvious reasons.

Victor the Alien

Steves is really into the alien conspiracy type stuff and for him, this is one of the most important videos out there right now. It is footage of an actual alien who crash landed and then got interrogated and asked bare questions. This was in the eighties and since then bare new technology has come out so more than likely the alien was giving away secrets like camera phones and wireless headphones. Proper madness.

Two Blokes in a Van

These lot have obviously been watching our “How to MC” video cos you can see the geezer does fast flow, ragga rap and singing rap when he’s spitting. Maximum respect to these lot although probably stick a bit of garage on next time. Leave the house tunes for the students.

Church Rave

When I first seen this I thought they were actually listening to jungle in church and MCing but then I realised they were just miming. Still impressive though.

Egyptian Lover – ‘Freak-a-holic’

Chabuds loves this one, he finds it really inspiring. He’s actually growing his hair at the moment and wants to get it permed but Aldona won’t let him. He needs to man up sometimes that brear. I told Miche straight, if I want to perm my hair I’ll do it. She didn’t know what to say to that.


Another of Beats’ favourites. He’s really into nature documentaries, especially where there’s some decent fighting involved. He was torn between this one and Shark vs Octopus but this one’s longer and has bare mad twists. It’s like a film. The cameraman is a bit wack but to be fair he was probably boiling wearing all that North Face stuff in Australia or wherever that is.

All four episodes of ‘People Just Do Nothing’ are available to watch here