YouTube Sessions: Kuedo

Since disbanding the Vex’d project with Roly Porter, Kuedo has gone on to house solo material exclusively with the esteemed Planet Mu. With three EPs and an album under his belt, Jamie Teasdale has continued to explore a comprehensive and intricate sound referencing everything from Footwork to to Sc-fi soundtracks. Attentive sound design and proficiency in synth programming set this producer apart. Futurist soundscapes and imaginative atmospheres seem to emanate from each release, particularly on Teasdale’s accomplished album ‘Severant’.

For this edition of YouTube Sessions, we asked Kuedo-who plays at next month’s Camden Crawl, to collate a selection of personal favourites. What we received in return did not disappoint. A series of artistically shot film scenes spanning various decades and styles, the collection consists of the esoteric and exoteric, the dystopian and the obscure, with the common thread being stylistic execution and cinematography. Perhaps no surprise to fans of Kuedo, as his work is often cited as filmic and futuristic. A word to the the squeamish, there are a few scenes in here you may want to avoid.

Anti Christ – fox scene

Did not enjoy this movie. But this moment is so well crafted, intense portrayal of the character’s gynophobia.

Shining – Elevator Vision Scene

The Keep – Montage

Random scenes but you can get the vibe. Michael Mann with Tangerine Dream. (Bit weird how the soundtrack accidentally morphs into the snowman theme, toward the end)

The Conversation – Toilet Blood Scene

: |

Wolven – Alien Vision Scene

Early 80s New York desolation seen through alien werewolf videotape effect vision.

Collateral – Standard Parts Scene

Night Of The Hunter – Wife Killer Scene

Almost everything about this movie is immaculate. The camera holds both detachment and warm empathy at the same time throughout. Its one of my favourite art works of any form.

Chronopolis – Trailer

Wikipedia says this “won Best Children’s Film for 1982” . That’s the same year that ET came out. Seems legit. Luc Ferrari on the buttons.

Patlabor 2 – Unnatural City Scene

Kenji Kawai’s soundtrack decisions here are so carefully simple, and perfect.

Cyber City Odeo 808

The only known instance where the UK dubbed version is completely superior to the original. And the UK edition soundtrack is straight killer. Rory McFarlane, we salute you.

Le Paysagiste / Mindscape

The way the pinscreen renders the morphic cloud movement around 3m. It’s beguiling.

Kuedo is playing Camden Crawl Friday 20th at The Jazz Cafe. Buy tickets here