YouTube Sessions: KRTS

Berlin based Brooklynite Kurtis Hairston makes soulful beat music. An avid drum-machine enthusiast his jamming methods are highly improvisational. Influenced by an eclectic spread, his sound incorporates classic Jazz, Hip Hop, Bass and he’s even been known to mess around with Jungle from time to time. His bespoke live show is a spectacle to behold. He found the perfect home for his music with the Berlin based collective, Project Mooncircle in 2011 where he has since released two EP’s and a debut album, ‘The Dread Of An Unknown Evil’. Not one to rest on his laurels, KRTS is working on new material and exploring uncharted dimensions of the beat-universe today.

For this week’s YouTube sessions, we recruited the man, who believes in voicing his opinions to supply for us a Transworld skate classic, retro German sketches and a chubby rolling racoon on this week’s YouTube Sessions…

Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth (Before It Is Recycled)

I was really surprised this video still existed. I happened to have read an article on Gawker about how these crazy asses are still existing. I actually watched this but couldn’t finish it. Came close though. Can you? Can you actually finish the whole video?

A Touch of Cloth Series 1 – Hoody Chase Scene

My flatmate asked me what does “Dat dere” mean. I explained to him, it’s a slang pronunciation of “that there”. I was a bit confused and giggling wondering why he asked me. He then told me it was a joke on some British comedy show called, “A Touch of Cloth”. Which I now have fully watched and enjoyed.

Chris Colbourn ‘Cut & Dry’ – TransWorld SKATEboarding

I am addicted to skate vids. Even more addicted to skate vids that know how to choose really good music. Fast action scenes with the contrast of floaty, emotional, heavy reverb, ballad indie music. Always gets me.

Inside Urban Shield: The World’s Largest SWAT Training Event

We never have money for inner-city schools to stay open, pay teachers that aren’t burned out yet and are still motivated, get new books, and computers with up-to-date software. Our country always has enough money to spend on putting holes in someone’s body.

Chubby Rolling Raccoon Is Boss

If anyone can watch this and not say “Aw” or just think it’s cute and funny? Then, he or she possibly has no soul.

BlackEyedPeas – Joints & Jam

I really love showing people this video of when I first heard of BlackEyedPeas. It was graduation year of high school in 1998. Most average people don’t even know this video even exists. Yeah, they were actually 100% pure HipHop. The ending is the best part though.

John Oliver & Cookie Monster Out-Takes

I mean, it’s John Oliver and Cookie Monster Out-takes. What else can I say? Funny as hell. I want Muppets in my next video.

Aretha Franklin performs Rock Steady

These days are long gone. No one is singing with heart. Barely anyone singing with talent and those that do still miss heart. We got a few out there though that did well with reviving this sound, this feeling, this spirit. I’ll let Aretha show you how to Rock Steady.

It’s Friday…

Some of the best people I know in Berlin and with my favorite German puppy!

Key & Peele: Das Negros

Oh and speaking of Germany. It took me a bit to get into Key & Peele’s humor but, after watching it a few times, I got pretty hooked. I’ve watched this sketch like 20 times.

Cop v. Black Guy

This shit right here had me rollin’ but, for real this is our lives in The States. I have had my run-ins with cops as most black men in The States got a story too. “Calm the fuck down”.

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