YouTube Sessions: Kris Wadsworth

Kris Wadsworth has been an integral part of dance music’s new wave of producers since he began releasing music fresh out of high school. Quickly gaining attention for his unique production style and raw take on house and techno, Wadsworth established relationships with various labels early on in his career, including Morris Audio, Get Physical and Hypercolour.

The extensive spectrum of his releases has ensured Wadsworth never sits too closely to any particular trend or movement, and this approach of individuality has been reinforced with his own URANUS and Breed imprints, where he’s continued to release cutting edge dance music and push the boundaries of contemporary groove.

Now based in Berlin, Wadsworth has just released his third studio album, Infiltrator. Released via close friend Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic label, the album sees Wadsworth utilise his sizeable collection of gear, highlighting the importance of his hand-signed Oberheim SEM Pro and beloved Roland drum machines in the process. The full-length documents Wadsworth’s path of self-discovery, taking influence from his experience of moving away from Detroit, and exploring heavy themes like space and death throughout.

Fresh from release, we thought we’d get inside the head of Wadsworth and invite him to guide us through the music that has been most personal to him throughout his journey. 90s techno, classic Sun Ra and vintage Dillinja all make the cut.

1. Delinquent Dialect – Minimal Electronic

One of the afterward tracks to some pretty weird experiments I conducted by myself in Berlin. Was stuck in my head for like, a year. Relentless track from the UK.

2. Ectomorph: Synthesize Her

I bought it to play at home, have not played it out yet, even years later, I just sit and admire the control it has over me. Where it takes me without permission. Seriously ill.

3. Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor

Like a perfect night where everyone’s melting, everyone is cool with anything and everyone, maybe you got a bad ass driver and are in a bad ass city…night time. Going home with someone nice perhaps. Fall asleep smiling. That vibe.

4. The Mover – Nightflight (Nonstop to Kaos)

I don’t want to corral the track because it’s one of my favourites and is suitable anytime, though it reminds me of smashing out dirty summer parties. Mega late reenergise and pretend the sun doesn’t exist type of thing.

5. Gesloten Cirkel – Zombie Machine

My friend and I were playing live on the radio in London one night and all the hair on my arms stood up when he dropped this. First time I had ever heard it. Eat me. I love this shit. Maybe a little too much.

6. Dillinja – Deep Deadly Subs

How you bust bins, 101. One of my all time favourite records. Beautiful, contemplative, tight, and mega low. So sick.

7. Rick Wade – Harsh Thoughts

Was recently sat in Harmonie Park for the first time in years. Listening to jazz, nodding and smiling with some others in the park who were also enjoying a beautiful summer night. Soon as I got in, put this record on like…yeah…thats that. Classic.

8. Soletech – Chuck Chop

Know it?

9. Suburban Knight: Collaboration Alpha

Gold. All time favourite since the first time I heard it.

10. Sun Ra – That’s How I Feel

Travelling for over a month straight and finally catching my breath. Literally.

Kris Wadsworth’s Infiltrator LP is out now via Ultramajic, and can be purchased here.

Featured Image: Rasele Photography