YouTube Sessions: Kowton

Ahead of his show at The Hydra and Bleep‘s warehouse event this Friday, Bristol’s Kowton has compiled some YouTube favourites for us. It proves a deep insight into his influences and non-musical interests as he draws on Austro-Hungarian literature, an Underground Resistance interview, documentaries on both Bristol and Manchester, and some classic Photek footage.

Kowton‘s been behind heavy releases and remixes for SGNLF, Keysound, Idle Hands, Naked Lunch, Electronic Explorations, his own new label Pale Fire, as well as a mesmerising remix on Deadplate‘s forthcoming EP by Hodge (which you can listen to here). A richly talented producer who, as you’ll see below, has more to his game than it may first appear.

1. Orson Welles – The Trial (Intro Story)

“Orson Welles was a fantastic story teller: here he takes a passage from near the end of Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ and creates a particularly powerful introduction to his adaptation of the book.”

2. Hedgehog In The Fog [Yuriy Norshteyn, 1975]

“A very touching Russian animation from the 1970’s. There’s a beautiful score, a lot amazing visuals and a weird white horse which appears intermittently.”

3. Mad Mike Slices Interview

“Boo! Mutherfucker! Boo!” Lots of amazing shots Detroit and Mad Mike laying it down, basically.”

4. Nabakov And The Moment Of Truth.

“Takes a little while to get going, but about 3 minutes in Big Vlad starts getting all Chief Keef about literature. Tolerance of mediocrity wasn’t really his style.”

5. Dizzee vs Crazy Titch

“That infamous ‘not a mook’ scene. Energy levels before it kicks off are incredible.”

6. Hulme Crescents 1978.

“Slightly stuffy documentary on the massively flawed Hulme Crescents development in central Manchester, some of the shots are pretty dystopian. There’s a brilliant Mark Kermode radio documentary on this place.”

7. Photek Interview On Lola De Musica

“Bit of an obvious one, but the juxtaposition between Photek’s gleaming Ferrari and dingy flat never gets old.”

8. Sharevari @ The Scene

“One of the original techno tracks on The Scene TV show, some proper dancing on this one. Not sure about the chap with guitar though.”

9. Bristol Real Scenes

“Killer Resident Advisor documentary about the Bristol music scene. Watching it again, everyone they featured comes across brilliantly, I think this film did a lot for wider awareness of what goes on here.”

10. Poème Symphonique

“My housemate linked me this earlier today – I don’t know much about the theory behind it but 100 metronomes together is a powerful image.”

Catch Kowton playing at The Hydra with Blawan, Third Side, Objekt, Pangaea, Lucy and more this Friday – buy tickets here.