YouTube Sessions: Kölsch

Rune Reilly Kölsch’s musical ability has showcased itself with almost chameleonic versatility over the last ten plus years, with the Danish producer enjoying huge commercial and underground success via a myriad of different aliases. Now simply operating under his surname, Kölsch, he has just released his first album, ‘1977’ for Cologne’s venerated Kompakt label. Sparklingly melodic and expertly crafted, its the perfect reflection of Kölsch’s work.

For his YouTube Sessions, Kölsch takes us on a weird and wonderful journey that stops off at Bladerunner, early break dancing instrumentals, Steely Dan and Knight Rider. Enjoy.

Blade Runner Intro 

“I remember watching this on VHS at my cousins house. It completely blew my mind. I haven’t been as inspired by anything since”

Another world gameplay.

“Man I loved this game. I tried to complete it so many times, but I always got stuck. It’s actually not until I recently discovered this video I found out how to complete it”

Powell Peralta-Public Domain

“I skated when I was a kid. it was an escape from home I guess, and it has influenced me a lot over the years. This video was the shit back then. My VHS tape was completely ruined from watching it so much”

Steely Dan-Aja

“I’ve always had a soft spot for that West Coast sound. I used to listen to this album with my dad all the time. Its such a timeless classic”

D.A.F-Der Räuber und der Prinz

“As a kid in Germany this track made want to make music. Such a weird and wonderful song”

Gregor Schwellenbach 20 jahre Kompakt

“This is amazing. Classic music meets Kompakt. I actually have a video of them playing my track Der Alte. One of the proudest moments in my life”

Momo und Die Grauen Herren

“I used to read Michael Ende books all the time. so much i think his way of creating these worlds inspired me to create my own. This movie is nowhere near as great as the book, but its still good fun”

Its Knight Rider!

C.O.D In the bottle

“This was probably the first electronic music I heard. The older kids at school were breakdancing in the yard, and they were playing this on their ghettoblaster.

I’ll never forget those chords”

Usher Goat.

“Everytime I watch this, I just can’t stop laughing”